Federal forces to combat insecurity are already operational in the city

From very early this morning the first gendarmes began to arrive to the area of ​​the Sports Museum, in Ayacucho at 4800. The act, scheduled for 11:45, was delayed due to a delay that Minister Aníbal Fernández had on his flight to Rosario – for which he apologized – and consisted of the troops saluting Fernández himself and Minister Fernández’s visit in front of the troops, the trucks and the Gendarmerie tank stationed in the area.

federal forces.jpg

The troops, made up of women and men, are already operational and will begin to work through a diagram previously analyzed by the national and provincial authorities. The priority will be to work in the most conflictive neighborhoods of Rosario without neglecting the rest of the city.

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After the brief ceremony, Fernández, together with Governor Perotti, began to talk with the press and in one of his first statements he thanked the Gendarmerie staff “who are ready to work and will have a difficult task from now on.”

On the other hand, the head of the National Security portfolio reaffirmed what was said this Wednesday by his Santa Fe counterpart, Jorge Lagna: “These forces came to stay.”

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