Famous Youtuber "DjMaRiiO" claimed for the penalty in favor of Colo Colo in the Superclásico vs the U

Colo Colo defeated Universidad de Chile 2-1 in a friendly Superclásico held in Argentina. The renowned Spanish Youtuber, “Dj Mario”, was aware of the match and claimed for the penalty in favor of the “Cacique” in his social networks, despite the fact that he has shown great affinity with the white.

“#NoEraPenal”, he replied to one of the comments on his publication, where he had celebrated the goal, wearing the Colo Colo shirt and a Blues fan wrote to him that it was “robbery”. Users quickly began to debate the issue, with some supporting the influencer while others criticized his comment.

“I thought I knew about soccer, my king”, “You finally opened your eyes”, “Incredible robbery”, “I dropped an idol”, “What are you talking about Marito”, “Stealing like Madrid, what do you think”, “DJ Mario has it clear” and “And why do you wear your shirt”, were some of the comments from the fans of both teams.

Notably the youtuber has more than 7 million subscribers on his channel, where he posts videos testing games like FIFA. What’s more, DJ Mario has shown a certain affinity with Colo Colo, who even sent him a gift t-shirt.

Check here Dj Mario’s post and his response

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