Family conflicts involved ?: “Chino”, the murderer of the San Martín park was Nahuel’s brother-in-law

Alejandra Quinteros placeholder image broke the silence. After the arrest of Rafael “Chino” Falcón, the networks and the media were filled with publications pointing to an ex-marriage who was involved in the incident. It is precisely about Alejandra Quinteros and her ex-husband, Javier Ponce. It was also pointed out to Alejandra’s daughter, which is the minor who is accused of the fact after she was seen involved in the brawl through the security cameras in the area.

Once the murderer was apprehended, Alejandra Quinteros decided to tell her version of the events since he was present the night of the murder and was a witness and participant in crosses and insults prior to the terrible outcome.

In her story, Alejandra reveals the background of a conflict between stalls, but also, confirmed that “Chino” Falcón was Nahuel’s brother-in-law.

“Luz, Nahuel’s sister, was the Chinese’s girlfriend. Why don’t they say it? They had already ended the relationship. Virgina’s (Nahuel’s mother) discomfort may have been that too ”

According to Alejandra Quinteros, Nahuel’s sister was known to her family since she herself assisted the young woman. “Luz said that her mother threw her out, that they did not feed her, she came to my house without clothes, my daughters lent her everything. Even when the “Chino” was serene, she went with him to the park, “said the woman before QuePasaSalta.

Your version of events

Seeking to justify her innocence, Alejandra recounted all the previous altercations that took place that day.

The conflict started early, when my ex-husband argued with one of the Colombian stallholders, ”the woman said. Later, one of his employees intervened in the interview to report that Nahuel’s mother initially hit Javier Ponce.

The story continues with more altercations: fights, cross complaints, bottle hits and even a crash they would have been the instances prior to the assassination.

“The policeman it was, he asked us to calm down, that they were going to talk with the other parties and that I calm down my ex-husband, “said the woman, in addition to ensuring that the Vilte family would have “protected” foreign employees.

In Alejandra’s version, Luz, Nahuel’s sister, takes a greater role. According to Quinteros, Luz Vilte got into a fight with her daughter, who is accused of the fact for having hit Nahuel with an iron.

“They do not accuse my daughter of murder, she is involved in hitting Nahuel”

“Luz got on in the fight and hit my daughter. El Chino pushed Luz and they began to insult each other, but the fight was over and we sat down ”, the woman continues, adding:“ My daughter saw that they were coming with something in their hand, that’s why she took out an iron. They threatened my ex-husband with death, and in the video you can see that this woman rushes into Chino, my daughter defends him and hits Nahuel ”, he explains.

After the altercations, Alejandra Quinteros said that she saw Nahuel bloody and it was she herself who tried to save him and who took him to the hospital to be treated. “My ex-husband picked him up and put him in the truck. I took him to Nahuel, I tried to help him even though I didn’t know him. They are all witnesses that nobody knew him in the Park”, The woman commented.

“I started screaming for help. I despaired, I could not believe what I saw. I turned around and Chino was gone “

Finally, Alejandra Quinteros said that she collaborated to find Rafael Chino Falcón and that she already gave statements on the case. “I am not to blame for what happened. They harm me for being Chino’s employer ”, concludes.

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