Facundo Manes: "We don’t want to discuss more poverty, we want to generate wealth"

Facundo Manes, one of the great winners of the PASO 2021 by playing a very dignified role in the Juntos internship in the province of Buenos Aires, spoke at Chronicle HD the day after the elections.

“We do not want to discuss more poverty, we want to generate wealth. We seek to turn resignation into hope”, stated during the interview in Chiche 2021.

Facundo Manes in Chronicle HD

In his dialogue with the journalist Chiche Gelblung, Manes began by mentioning his interviewer. “I always remember that you told me a long time ago ” you have to leave the office and go to social pain ‘”it reminded him.

The now candidate for national deputy, who by the percentage obtained in his internship places him in third place on the Juntos list, valued that yesterday “Despite the difficulties and feeling orphaned and unrepresented, people went to vote and vote with hope. Fear is a coercion mechanism, hope is what breaks that fear”

“If we work we can live better, work, progress, it is to generate confidence in ourselves, so as not to manage more decline”added the neurosurgeon.

When asked for a balance of what was the stage prior to the PASO, Manes argued that “Our campaign was David against Goliath. We faced two powerful machines of power. The PRO and the Front of All. However, we managed to get more than 1,200,000 Buenos Aires to take the step with us yesterday”.

Later, he considered that “The heroines and the heroes yesterday belong to the society that, still in pain, voted with hope to change this and overcome the problems, fatigue, pandemic and poverty”.

Before a question about why he talks about the existence of a system to fight, he explained that “the fact that there are sectors that only seek to maintain privileges made him lose the sense of the Nation.”

“When a boy in a vulnerable place cannot eat, that must be our son, just as an old man who has a hard time anywhere, must be our father or grandfather”, he proposed.

“Each sector pulls for its side and there is no strategic country project. Each sector wants to save itself. There are certain interests that seek to preserve themselves instead of the common good”, he insisted.

I know anyway, he closed the note with a positive message, by ensuring that “We are not going to stop growing, there is no ceiling. My life was always uphill, and now we are going to pursue the ethical revolution that we want for all of Argentina”.

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