Example of overcoming: one of the best fishing guides in Corrientes who has a hard life history

In this edition of an example of overcoming, we bring to our readers the case of Martín Alegre known as “PATO” in the Corrientes town of Paso de la Patria, a great fishing guide noted for his work, for his humility, companionship, anecdotes and a hard life story worth overcoming.

Pato stands out for the excellent service it has for tourists visiting the province of Corrientes. His professionalism is not far behind and always with the humility that characterizes him, he seeks that tourists who meet him for the first time take home a beautiful memory of his time in Corrientes.

His attitude proves it: he carries his fishing equipment, his mate, his boat, he gets up early even if the departure is at 07:00, he wakes up at 05:00, he gets the bait depending on the fishing modality that want to practice the tourist, at all times during the course of the day that consists of four hours in the morning and four in the afternoon including also a stop for lunch is attentive to the needs and even teaches that person who never dared to fish how you should maintain the position of the rod, the body posture, the different techniques that must be applied for a good sport catch, in this case the most famous fish in the country, El Dorado.

He is the leader of a family, he is married and has two children whom he has to feed. But Pato’s story turned out to be much deeper than what was reflected in his social networks and his values, more than what was visible through the viral posts and the different tourists who spend their days with him.

Pato had a very tough childhood, at such an early age he was forced to go out into the streets and learn what he shows today with every sport fishing excursion.

I was always a hard-working person, but I had a lot of contempt and I showed it today with the day to day.

I was very happy with what I achieved, because they told me that I would not be anyone in life and look

“I have a very nice family and I don’t want them to go through the same thing that happened to me, I suffered a lot,” he explained.

Being a fishing guide was always part of his life, but he also works in masonry tasks in his spare time, collaborating with tourists who want accommodation or enjoying free time with his family, especially with his children.

What does a full day with Pato consist of?

Pato said that he “puts everything in; lures, fuel, boat, licenses, bait, fishing equipment, everything,” he commented. “The fishing day is 8 hours in total, 4 hours in the morning, we stop to eat and then 4 hours in the afternoon. ”However, he stated that the first thing he really sells is his image of the importance of doing his job and that tourists take home a nice souvenir from Paso de la Patria.

“They know me for the work he did and for the recommendations of those people who enjoyed a sports day with him, even leaving his clients happy,” he said.

Behind the great fishing guide there is great social value

With all situations, Pato continues with his same impeccable work and continues to make a difference. He confessed that his secret is to entrust himself to God every morning before leaving home to face a new workday.

Martín Alegre was, to our knowledge, an excellent person who with his solidarity and charisma towards others manages to conquer their hearts, making new friends over and over again.

“My birthday is on December 23, in my hard stage they never celebrated it, thank God today I can do it and every December 23 I celebrate my birthday, Christmas and in turn my anniversary with my wife,” he commented very excited.

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