The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) revoked, this Thursday (25), by 4 votes to 3, the mandate of the federal deputy from Paraná Evandro Rogério Roman (Patriot) for party infidelity. The ministers understood that the congressman did not present the due just cause to disaffiliate with the Social Democratic Party (PSD).

Disclosure Chamber of Deputies

The exchange took place in 2019. To leave the PSD, the congressman presented a letter of consent of the initials allowing the dismissal. But the act was challenged in court by substitute Reinhold Stephanes Junior (PSD). In view of this, the TSE ministers considered that the presentation of a letter of consent by the party, authorizing the disaffiliation of Roman, is not enough to allow the dismissal without the presentation of due cause.

According to electoral legislation, the deputy can only change party if the acronym has been incorporated or merged with another; if the politician is migrating to a newly created party; if you have suffered serious personal discrimination; if there is a deviation in the party program; or if the change takes place in the party window, which is the period in the election year when migrations are allowed.

Roman assumed the seat in the Federal Chamber after Ney Leprevost (PSD) left office to take over as Secretary of State for Family, Justice and Labor. He cast 67,909 votes in the 2018 elections.

The Band B report tried to contact Evandro Rogério Roman, but even the publication did not get a return.