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The forward spoke through her Instagram account of the sentimental relationship that has already completed more than six years and the plans they have for the future. In the midst of the questions posed by his followers, two arose that attracted attention.

“The truth long ago I stopped caring that people think that I am with Daneidy because of the money because it is not like that,” she said in her profile in which more than a million people follow her.

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I love babies. I love them

“I proposed to her that we have a child because I love babies. I love them. I told him that I paid him for the entire procedure so that he could have it on his belly ”, he revealed.

However, he did not mention when ‘Epa’ would start the procedure and if he would undergo in vitro fertilization or other conception mechanism.

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Six years ago you made me the happiest woman in the world

Despite that, ‘Epa’ did not waste the moment to express through social networks: “Six years ago you have made me the happiest woman in the world. I am so proud of you, to see how you continue to grow in what you are really passionate about. I will love you for the whole eternity”.

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It is not known if the lioness accepted the marriage proposal, or when they will marry, but Celis at that time applauded her partner’s support. “Thank you for being who you are and how you are with me,” he said.

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