Entrepreneur seeks to share her knowledge through projects

A teacher, entrepreneur, communicator and advisor, Consuelo Contreras has found her vocation to share knowledge in an understandable and simple way that can change people’s financial lives.

With her project “Tu Asesora Financiera”, Consuelo has built a community that manages its finances intelligently and conscientiously, highlighting the importance of education in this area from an early age.

In an interview with El Siglo de Torreón, Consuelo shared her mission and some information about her undertaking, seeking to reach new generations through digital platforms such as TikTok, where she shares short classes on specific topics.

How did the idea of ​​being a financial advisor come about?

I started my career at the invitation of a great friend and advisor, who saw that my profile fit perfectly with the work of an advisor; I have been a university teacher for 8 years and a communication scientist by profession, so being a consultant allows me to unite my passion for sharing knowledge and communicating it in an enjoyable and understandable way, as I would have liked to be taught about financial issues when I was still student. So I started my development process and got my professional license from the National Insurance and Bond Commission.

What is the importance of having a good management of our income?

It’s essential! We can never achieve our financial goals if we don’t have a clear idea of ​​how much we have and where our money is going. Having a budget will make life much easier and will get us the much desired financial freedom. Many times it is not about “how much you earn” but how you manage it strategically. Only in this way can we get that home of our own that we dream of, pay for our children’s university or get a decent retirement.

Being a graduate, do you think that financial education is essential in the educational system?

Yes, and a thousand times yes! Unfortunately in our country financial education is almost nil. We could be more functional adults and with greater peace of mind if we were clear about the basics from our school age. We are usually afraid to talk about money, taxes, retirement, afores, and other “witchcraft” due to ignorance. But they are extremely important issues! Especially since the new generations are very unprotected against fraud, or simply by not having a guaranteed retirement like that of our parents or grandparents. As a teacher and advisor, I feel that I have a moral obligation to bring these issues closer to all ordinary citizens who do need to have this knowledge to ensure our future.

Now that the time of ‘more spending’ is coming, what advice would you give?

Make a budget; never spend more than we have. We must remember that credit cards are a “loan” and not an extension of our salary. I also strongly suggest saving or investing even 20% to build an emergency fund; Take out insurance for major medical expenses (because getting sick is very expensive!) and above all, whenever you go shopping on impulse, ask yourself the magic question: “Do I want it, or do I need it?”

Do you consider that your project is entrepreneurial?

Yeah right. I just have a great affinity with entrepreneurs because I have been one for many years and as an advertising photographer I have worked with a lot more. I fully understand that it is about excellent customer service, understanding their needs and being able to provide personalized solutions.

What services do you offer as a consultant?

I give advice on personal finances, on how to budget, manage your income, etc. Advice to entrepreneurs: from how to set prices for their products or services, sales and marketing strategies to more in-depth business plans. I also specialize in Life Insurance, educational insurance, Personal Retirement Plans, Medical Expenses, and Investments.

Where can they find you?

Through whatsapp 871.534.10.42 and on my social networks: Instagram and TikTok @tuestrategafinanciera and on Facebook as Consuelo Contreras-Your financial strategist.

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