Young man complains in networks that they left him a tip of 86 pesos; receives both criticism and support

When we talk about tipping for a service, there is social standards and rules that usually govern the general pattern of ‘what is due’, or socially accepted. And it is that the tip acts as one reward, usually financial, as a thank you for a good service or product.

Nevertheless, the ethical question remains in the air, because if the service is bad, should you give your own or a ‘generous’ tip? There is no way to determine a ‘right or wrong’ here, because the amount of money left as a tip ultimately falls to the social, moral and personal consideration of the one who ‘thanks for the service’ and responds with empathy and solidarity towards his peers; or that the idea.

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Of course, remembering as a social rule, we are told which services should be left to people and even which should not. Some say that 10 to 15 percent is ‘right’, as an acceptable parameter. Well One person was left 86 pesos as a tip for a bill of 4,000 pesos and complained on social networks.

The story was made public after the very young woman who lived through the experience expressed her discomfort on networks and said that works as a waitress and that a client spent 4 thousand pesos on their consumption. However, she got a tip of 86 pesos.

What happens here is that this amount is not even 10% of the total account. Ten percent would come to 400 pesos. The 86 pesos from a bill of 4 thousand pesos, would be a tip of 2.15 percent of the total bill.

“They left me 86 as a tip, if you don’t have to pay for a service, don’t go out to restaurants friends. Order at your house, to go and drink at home. I don’t have to go around paying for your service, cats,” commented the woman who lived through the experience.

Young man complains in networks that they left him a tip of 86 pesos; he receives both criticism and support. PHOTO: Special Facebook

His post was later picked up by Jim Ake, who caused a stir in networks by criticizing the waitress’s complaint and focus your attention, first, on what tips are not an obligation, which in itself already generated conflicting opinions.

Then, to emphasize that in his opinion the real problem is that the waiters and to the extent employees who perform customer service jobs such as this, they are not well paid so the best thing to do would be to demand better wages, not throw a stone at the diners, who are already paying for the food they ate.

Finally, users They also criticized the attitude of the waitresswho lashes out in a rude tone, when, if her own is a gesture of gratitude, she doesn’t have to demand it either, and she complains.

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