will you recognize these cult series with the very first image of the series?

The Netflix catalog is known to constantly renew itself, but the cult series are not forgotten, despite the passage of time. Today we invite you to take part in one of our series quizzes, which we hope will should give you a bit of a hard time. We will see if you are real fans, or amateurs (in which case we don’t blame you, a little Netflix and Chill that we simply watch out of the corner of our eye happens to everyone).

Netflix series that we remember for a long time

If Disney+ is picking up the pace these days by adding highly anticipated Marvel movies to its catalog, Netflix is ​​not left behind, and regularly offers interesting additions, especially on the anime side. Today we are going to focus instead on Netflix series which have been critically acclaimed, and which remain very popular in the collective unconscious.

We hope for you, if you want to have a chance to pass this quiz as best you can, that you’ve spent a lot of time over the past few months on Netflix. We are still waiting for your results. looking forward. We warn you, the quiz of the day is still a little tougher than what we got you used to.

Our quiz of the day

Without further ado, we therefore suggest that you take our brand new special Netflix series quiz. Can you meet the challenge? We’re counting on you, here we go!

So what result did you get? Was it the one expected? Do not hesitate, in any case, to report it to our comments area ! And if you like anime, you can always take our previous anime villain quiz, to be found right here !

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