What sign is Maluma and what is his personality like

Some time ago, Maluma It was a trend in social networks because he was very offended after the gesture made by Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez, goalkeeper of the Argentine team and Aston Villa, to a Colombian player in the last Copa América. After this, everyone wants to know a little more about his personality and from what sign It is according to the zodiac. And it is that, I had never seen him react in such a way.

How is Maluma: Sign and way of relating

The Colombian artist known as Maluma is named Juan Luis Londono Arias. In addition to being a pop, reggaeton and Latin trap singer, he is an actor. It is worth remembering that his great leap to fame in his native country came in 2011, thanks to the singles “Farandulera”, “Obsesión”, “Latemperature” and “Carnaval”.

Originally from Medellin, Colombia, Maluma belongs to the natives of the sign of Aquarius since he was born on January 28, 1994. He himself is a sign of air next to Gemini and Libra. In general, they say people born in that month are very sociable and can establish stable ties with people from different social, ethnic and religious groups. Furthermore, regarding his personalityThey show that they are more interested in the common good than in anything else.

Precisely, the singer cAs a good Aquarian, he showed that he is extremely creative and quite detached from material things..

He is always in search of freedom and is very friendly, so he defends his own without measuring himself. Likewise he is in love. Although he is not excessively passionate, he is simply looking for a partner who, in addition to being a lover, is his great companion in adventures.

Maluma and his personality, a real Aquarian?

Another feature of the personality that Aquarians have and in particular Malumathe thing is it is quite changeable. You can be extremely accessible and from one moment to another show a certain disinterest in the person in front of you.

As the horoscope highlights, the sign of the singer can be one of the most controlling of the zodiac because he is convinced that he always knows what is best for everyone.

One of the flaws of people under the sign of Aquarius is that they have little tolerance for emotions. They can become cold, distant and stubborn. The fact of questioning everything, from behaviors to situations, makes Aquarians very logical, relegating emotions to the background.

After his reaction, do you really think so? Maluma?

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