what remains of the “cult” film with Heath Ledger?

In 2001 landed Knight, a medieval comedy directed by Brian Helgeland which left a singular memory because of its thundering anachronisms. Its original title, A Knight’s Taleis a nod to canterbury tales, a classic of English literature. Their author, poet Geoffrey Chaucer, is one of the characters in the film, which claims to fill a six-month gap in his known biography.

If he met a decent success by cashing 117 million dollars at the world box office, he also remains in memory because a certain Heath Ledger embodies the main role. Spotted thanks to The Patriot: The Path to Freedom by Roland Emmerich, the actor donned the armor with ease alongside Paul Bettany, Rufus Sewell and Shannyn Sossamon before performing a number of iconic roles (The Secret of Brokeback Mountain, The Dark Knight).

Alas, if he received the Oscar for best actor in a supporting role for the latter, it was posthumously, having succumbed to acute intoxication in January 2008. Remains of this meteoric career the memory of a gifted man whose every performance has mechanically grown in importance. But has his squire-turned-knight coolness survived the test of time?

For the Heath and for the Ledger

The white knight(‘s tale)

The squire William Thatcher takes the place of his mortally wounded lord in a joust. Escorted by his long-time friends, he begins to skim the tournaments. During his journey, he crosses paths with Geoffrey Chaucer, a famous writer turned into a scholarly forger, Lord Adhémar of Anjou, who becomes his rival, and Jocelyn, an aristocrat with whom he falls in love. His goal : establish himself as the best player in Europe.

The credits announce the color: after having put on the helmet of his late master, William Thatcher takes his place in the arena… to the sound of the cult hit by Queen, We will rock you, whose title also served as a teaser on the posters. A assumed anachronism in the diegesis since the spectators of the game rhythmically beat its three heady beats – at this stage of your reading, you necessarily have it in mind.

Knight: Heath Ledger, Rufus SewellGood save the Queen – not the one you think

The rest of the soundtrack is in keeping: Eric Clapton, David Bowie, AC/DC follow one another to breathe a rock toneincluding during a romantic ball scene that turns into a frantic fiesta.

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