What is the dark side of your sign; everyone has one

Nobody is perfect but that is what makes us human; our imperfections, our ability to get up from falls and learn from mistakes. We are changeable and we evolve, so we also learn, but that does not mean that there are no setbacks in our actions.

The Zodiac signs they present us guides or guidelines that speak of characteristic features of people, from the position of the stars and planets, a belief and interpretation, not a proven science, but that speaks to us in distinctive ways in our way of being Of course, sometimes they are very positive, sometimes not so much.

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our ldark age It is, therefore, what we can understand or perceive as harmful, not because it is malevolent as such, but because we are talking about attitudes or manias that can come affect our interpersonal relationships, and adaptation and even growth and development. these are those characteristics of each signaccording to the Woman 10 website.


Aries are people who can be carried away by their instincts, so this can make them very accelerated. For this reason, sometimes they do not respect the authority or the established norms, since they prefer to impose their rules. They are restless, impulsive and like to compete.


If you propose something, you work to achieve it, so if they tell you that you can’t, you will fight to prove them otherwise. This means that Tauruses are something stubborn and they like to be in control of things, so they tend to alter and changes are difficult for them.


They are of an always active mind that gets bored easily. They can call you immature because perseverance is not your strong point, and you also run away from commitment. When you get angry it can be hurtful, but you lose courage very quickly.


Your mood swings are sudden and you are also a very clueless. You find it hard to trust people, because you’re afraid they’ll hurt youAnd you get irritated easily. Also, you don’t forget, not if they say something bad about you or hurt you.

What is the dark side of your sign; everyone has one. PHOTO: Unsplash


You are someone too confident, so when something goes wrong, you make a big deal out of it and tell it like it is, so there’s someone who might call you a arrogant. You will also not admit that you were wrong and you love compliments and flattery.


You have a witty humor, although it can be confused with sarcasm. Perfectionist, fussy and critical of yourself, you don’t have the best tact to say thingswhich can put you in conflict with others.


It is difficult for you to make decisions for fear of making the wrong choice, so you are a very indecisive person. You don’t like to hurt other people’s feelings, so you tend to change your mind to please. Besides, for you everything is fleeting.


You take everything very seriously but you are such a passionate person, who can also make you spiteful and vindictive. You like to have the power and always winso you don’t usually forgive infidelity or betrayal either.

What is the dark side of your sign;  everyone has one

. What is the dark side of your sign; everyone has one. PHOTO: Unsplash


You like to take risks but also get away with it. Your personality is unstable exaggerated, and you always say what you think. You are also someone who lives on the edge and likes to party, although sometimes you go too far.


You don’t like to be perceived as weak, but you tend to be pessimistic. The pride is one of your big problems and You don’t usually forgive easily. You don’t like others to try to trample on you and if they do something to you, you come back.


You have a hard time expressing your feelings, so it might seem like you’re a cold and distant person. You can also be selfish and you don’t like monotonyalthough looking to do so many things, you also tend to saturate yourself.


You have little willpower and this could take your spirits down. You carry feelings to the surface and although you are always willing to help, you expect the action to be reciprocal and if not, you get upset or offended.

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