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They can’t stand them anymore! Much has been said about vania bludau Y mario irivarren after a friend of the former reality boy and a witness gave their testimony to “Love and fire” about the intense fights that the media characters had when they were together.

After hearing that Vania had bitten Mario,


Gigi Miter on Vania and Mario: “Both are toxic people”

After listening to the testimony of the friend of mario irivarren, Gigi Miter was convinced that the ex-competitor of “This is war” and vania bludau reacted inappropriately to their problems and attacked each other:

“It seems to me that they are both definitely toxic people. They are both pushy people. Obviously, it will always weigh the act of violence more of the man towards the woman. I have no doubt that it could be true, they had a lack of respect between them that is not justified on one side or the other. All this that we are seeing, although Mario has not said it, Mario has given the ‘Ok’ (to hide it)”.

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Witness about aggression between Mario and Vania: “He grabs her neck hard”

mario irivarren Y vania bludau They have attacked each other on more than one occasion, according to what a witness said for “Love and Fire.” In addition to the testimony of the former reality boy’s close friend, who pointed out that Vania would have also harmed Mario at work, “Peluchín” and Gigi heard the words of a supposed person who witnessed the physical violence between the two:

“They started to fight. The thing is that she goes downstairs, it seems to me that to listen to Daniela Darcourt with him, and in one of the discussions she has, she bites his neck (…) and when he tries to reassure her, he grabs her neck hard, like for it to stop because he also got half crazy and she was already crazy.

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Vania Bludau responded to Evelin Jiménez’s statements

Hours later, on the show Magaly Medina, vania bludau presented a series of screenshots in which the conversations between the model and Evelyn Jimenezclose friend of mario irivarren. In them, you can see that, and even rejected Mario’s aggressive reactions. “I will be more vigilant. You know that I love him like a son, but there are things that cannot be supported, ”Jiménez had written.

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