Valeria Florez criticizes Samahara Lobatón for saying that she spent 40 thousand soles on a party: “She has an air of greatness” | Peruvian TV | entertainment

On Monday, August 15, Samahara Lobatón appeared on the program “En boca de todos” and surprised everyone by assuring that she spent no less than 40,000 soles on her daughter’s birthday party. This unexpected revelation caused a whole wave of criticism against the influencer by netizens and even characters from the Peruvian show business, including the television host Valeria Florez.

During the broadcast of her television space “A day at the mall”, the former candidate for Miss Peru questioned the daughter of Melissa Klug for showing off, on national television, the amount of money that the meeting for little Xianna’s birthday cost him.

“I don’t want to offend anyone, but, as you would say colloquially, she’s stepping on eggs, she’s wrong. I don’t know what’s wrong with her, and we’re going to clarify something, you can have the budget to throw the party you want for your daughter… everyone is free to do it, but go on television and mention it… that is, please, “he asserted. .

Finally, Valeria Flórez added: “Now we have an unknown, she says she spent 40,000 soles, but at the time the same party decorator said it was 120,000 soles.”

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What did Samahara Lobatón say?

As it is recalled, during her participation in the magazine “En boca de todos”, Samahara Lobatón claimed to have enough money to buy original sneakers after being accused of promoting sneakers; however, what caught her attention the most was the way she did it.

“I wear original shoes and you can see it on my Instagram, I buy collection shoes for my one and a half year old daughter and I also buy collection shoes. What’s more, I threw a party of 40,000 soles for my daughter, why couldn’t she buy me original shoes? “, Said the influencer.

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Karla Tarazona also criticized Melissa Klug’s daughter

The presenter Karla Tarazona made a sarcastic comment in reference to what Samahara said about the shocking amount she spent on her little girl’s birthday.

“(With that sum I could pay) One year of school for my three children,” he commented with a laugh on the “D’ Mañana” program.

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