Types of hepatitis and how childhood is spread

Hepatitis is one of the problems that has worried the World Health Organization, especially children, of which there have already been cases in the world. In Mexico it is already a reality, this after detecting four cases in Nuevo León.

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Hepatitis cases are on the rise, so the WHO has issued an alert to take precautions and avoid further contagion. It is currently known that there are six types of hepatitis: A, B, C, D, E and infantile. The latter is the one that worries the most, since it is not common in children and there is still no clear diagnosis.

But how does it spread? hepatitis, here we will give you the answer. Hepatitis A and E are transmitted by contact with food or water from a person who is infected. These are the first two classifications that are very clear and studied.

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In the case of B, C and D, it is transmitted by blood contact with an infected person, including by body fluidssuch as saliva or semen, but without a doubt the one that has everyone worried due to the little that is known and how unusual the outbreak has been, is the infantile one.

“The growing rise in the number of children infected by sudden hepatitis is unusual and worrying”, he said. Zania Stamataki from the liver research center at the University of Birmingham. Most of the childhood cases have occurred in children between the ages of one and five, something truly worrying.

Some of the symptoms are diarrhea, vomiting, fever and even muscle or joint pain, but without a doubt one of the indicators is the yellow coloration that is present in the eyes and skin. So far, the causes that are causing this childhood outbreak are not yet known.

The only thing that is recommended is to follow the hygiene measures basic, such as hand washing and covering coughs or sneezes, as well as some additional ones, such as avoiding sharing cutlery, drinks or plates, this undoubtedly reduces the possibility of contagion.

We hope soon to have a more detailed report on this outbreak that already has Mexico on alert. For now, we have no choice but to follow the measures indicated And if it is necessary to exaggerate in hygiene, we must remember that we are still in a pandemic and our guard should not be lowered.

Types of hepatitis and how childhood is spread. Photo: pexels

We will keep you abreast of new news, we really hope that it does not spread in Mexico as it has happened in United Kingdomwhere so far they have 300 confirmed childhood cases, of which some need an urgent liver transplant.

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