This was what hurt Pepe Aguilar about the scandal of the photographs of his daughter Ángela

Without a doubt one of the most hurt was felt by the controversy that was created around the figure of Angelaafter the images were leaked where she was seen with the composer Gussy Lauit was his father Pepe Aguilar. Several weeks have passed since the incident and the Mexican singer has revealed how he spent those uncomfortable days.

In the program “Wake up America” from Univision, the exponent of the Mexican regional declared: “I felt as any father would feel with his son in the eye of the hurricane, but I know who my daughter is, and I definitely love her, I adore her, I love her and we are fixing things as a family ”. “What one wants is the well-being of the children, never in life do they want them to cry, to suffer, to go through unpleasant situations. It is what hurts you as a father, that things hurt your children, ”Pepe continued.

The head of the Aguilar Dynasty also mentioned that something is always learned from this type of experience. “She is a star that has a lot of light. She is an artist who has her whole life ahead of her and definitely everyone learns from things that happen, ”he assured. Pepe also stated: “she is a girl, she is 18 years old, she is a girl, and parents who have daughters of that age will know that they are girls, you have to have experience to know how to handle the things in life that confront you.

In another interview given for the TV Azteca program “Ventaneando”, Pepe Aguilar made these statements: “It is part of the game, but also at a certain moment we are a family beyond that. I love my children and we are human, humanly we have to take things. Before being singers, music professionals, we are human, and as such things are arranged”.

On the question of how he is as a father-in-law, the singer said in a threatening tone: “it depends on the son-in-law”, but he pointed out that it is his children who choose their partners, “that is their problem, they are already grown-ups”.

Although in none of the interviews did he go into detail about the scandal of the photographs, at the time Pepe Aguilar had declared that when he had something to say he would say it. “When I have something to talk about, which most likely there is, they already know me, and they know that I love and adore my family, and I will always defend them, but let’s wait a little bit,” Aguilar had said.

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