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The great web that is the MCU has woven a bond between Spider-Man: Homecoming and episode 3 of Miss Marvel bringing back Marvel’s Men in Black.

The ultimate fan-service-esque duel Obi-Wan Kenobi came out, smothering like Darth Vader the attention on episode 3 of Miss Marvel. After two convincing and luminous episodes, the series on the young Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) was mainly interested in her heroine and the discovery of her powers. This new chapter of one of the best Marvel series establishes clearer connections with the rest of the superheroic universe via a government organization already present in Spider-Man: HomecomingDamage Control.

In the first Spidey film with Tom Holland, Damage Control landed to recover all New York construction sites involving alien artifacts, much to the chagrin of Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton) who will turn to organized crime equipped with robotic wings. Miss Marvel brings back Damage Control to make them a kind of Men in Black of super-humans. An evolution of what the organization is compared to comics, and a vision that keeps changing between what Marvel Studios wanted to do and has already done with this fictional company.

“Hi, it’s Bob the Builder.”

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All the clashes between superheroes, all the end of the world avoided, all the threats of destruction of cities… inevitably cause collateral damage, reducing buildings to crumbs and leaving cumbersome alien wrecks on the roads. So for this necessary reconstruction/clearance work, who do we call? Damage Control, a company that specializes in repairing damage caused by meta-humans. It is also this company that is responsible for storing technologies related to dead or missing superheroes and supervillains (comics think of everything).

marvel: pictureDamage Control and its comic book series

The reconstruction company made its first appearance in comics in 1988 in Marvel Age Annual #4. She will even be entitled to her own comedy series of eight issues in 1989 featuring several superheroes like the Punisher, Wolverine, She-Hulk or even Doctor Doom. Damage Control will be involved in several major Marvel events. As Civil War in 2007 where the director of the company will prove responsible for the superpower of the villain behind the drama that sparked the war between superheroes. The company will go from its backhoes to clean up the carnage caused by the Hulk in world war hulk.

In August this year, a new comedy series Damage Control of five issues will also begin, written by actor Adam Goldberg (the series Fargo) and drawn by Will Robson and Jay Fosgitt. Well thought out timing.

marvel: pictureBusiness will pick up

who wants a the office of the mcu?

If in the comics, the company makes the superheroic universe more plausible by highlighting the ants behind the clashing titans. The MCU fails to properly leverage Damage Control. Introduced in the MCU with Homecoming via a short scene revealing that Tony Stark is in charge, the works company never returned until Miss Marvel where she now becomes a new iteration of SHIELD, pursuing superpower wielders. However, in 2015, Marvel had the ambition to make a series Damage Control fitting into the MCU with a very different tone from what we finally have.

Produced by the ABC television channel, already behind Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter, the series was to be a sitcom written by Ben Karlin (Modern Family). As producers at his side, we should have found David Miner (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Good Place) and comic book writer Jeph Loeb. As saying that the series was surrounded by sitcom heavyweights and promised a wind of comedy at the The Office in a world where Captain America and Iron Man put on mandals. Sadly, Damage Control will die in the bud, in question: DC launches its series of the same kind in 2017 on an insurance company, Powerlesswhich will last only one season before being canceled as it was bad.

season 1: PhotoWhy do they look stupid? The series does not say

DC’s incredible acid pool dish on the same lot perhaps gives us a glimpse of what would have been Damage Controland has probably cools Marvel/Disney white collars to continue on this idea. Yet the project has something to make curious and could have brought moments of anthologies. Especially since several MCU actors are from sitcoms like Chris Pratt (Parks and Recreation), Martin Freeman (The Office UK) or John Krasinski (The Office), not to mention the figuration of several actors of Community.

However, Miss Marvel shows a more serious rewrite and far removed from the initial function of the Damage Control company. To see what will be done next, the agents of this organization being equipped with technologies allowing to effectively stop the meta-humans, are they an anti-superhero police? Or an impaired regularization body (as they call them) created as a result of Civil War and other disasters of the MCU? Marvel being full of surprises, we are not immune to a resurrection of the project Damage Control to make it a new series flooding Disney +.

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