They record the moment when Sergio Mayer falls out of a wheelchair and says “it’s complicated”

They record the moment when Sergio Mayer falls out of a wheelchair and says “it’s complicated” | YOUTUBE

They record the moment when Sergio Mayer falls out of a wheelchair and says “it’s complicated”. Once again the actor and former politician generated controversy because he was at a press event where sought to raise awareness in society about the difficulties faced by people with disabilities.

However, the former Garibaldi made the note focus on himself. He argued that to raise awareness and be inclusive, he would get into a wheelchair. So that the press captured how difficult it was for the artist to handle it, despite the fact that a person tried to help him. Finally, the former deputy approached the media to narrate his experience.

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However, at that moment the unexpected happened as in his attempt to show off that he had mastered the handling of the wheelchair, he suddenly lost control and fell with everything and chair. In the video you can hear the cries of surprise from the communicators.

In fact, he managed to stand up thanks to the help of one of the cameramen. After the embarrassing moment, Sergio Mayer gave an interview and tried to take advantage of the accident and said that this type of situation is faced by people with disabilities.

“Hopefully they will give it a bit of publicity. It is very difficult, very complicated. We are on an esplanade, everything is smooth, I can’t imagine going down a sidewalk or going up on a cobblestone. I just stood up, I backed up a little bit and fell,” Mayer said.

The artist and politician highlighted the importance of generating awareness among the population: “We must generate that awareness, empathy, we have to be inclusive, we live in a society where we do not understand what it is to be inclusive…Inclusive means helping them to participate and also helping any person with any disability”.

The actor assured that he will continue to watch over the most vulnerable groups in the country. Mayer’s accident generated ridicule among netizens on social networks, they even questioned the actor for wanting to take advantage of people with disabilities and only use the spotlight at the expense of his supposed altruism.

The singer’s fall was recorded and shared on the YouTube account of journalist Eden Dorantes. Here we leave you the video so you can see Sergio Mayer’s fall that occurs around minute 2.

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