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The new season of “There is room in the background” is a few days away from being released and the questions from the fans did not wait long. For this reason, the production of the remembered TV series organized a press conference to announce details about this next release.

This Friday, June 17, well-known actors and members of the production of “Al fondo hay lugar” appeared at the event to talk about their characters, about the development of the story and more. In this line, a question arose: what will happen to the characters who left their mark such as Grace, Fernanda, among others?


What did the production of “In the background there is a place” respond?

The future of beloved characters such as ‘Grace’, ‘Fernanda’, ‘Nicolás’, etc., is of great curiosity to fans who follow the story from its beginnings on América TV. Therefore, the response shook the media present at the press conference.

“We are justifying the absence anyway, in the first and second chapters and we are also doing the respective duels. We are fulfilling such important characters, we could not ignore it, “said Gigio Aranda at the beginning.

“When ‘Grace’ died several years ago, it occurred to us from the script side that we said, ‘Why are we going to mourn her?’ Grace died and the next chapter, after 8 months, Grace was no longer dead. The public blamed us a lot for that. We committed one of the most hated crimes on Peruvian television, but we did not mourn, “she continued to contextualize her response.

Finally, the producer expressed that this feeling would not be felt in the fans again: “We didn’t make it feel like there was a penalty for ‘Grace’ leaving and we learned from that lesson. Now, those who are not, will have their moment in the heart of the public. We cannot gloss over it or turn the page so easily.”

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The funny spot of the new season of AFHS

On June 11, the production of “Al fondo hay lugar” released the launch video so that fans of the TV series know what to expect on their screens on the premiere date. In the publication shared by Magdyel Ugaz, actress who gives life to ‘Teresita’, you can see endearing characters like Francesca Maldini, who is having breakfast and is invaded by the González family.

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Can a Maldini become a González?

In a preview broadcast by the production of “Al fondo hay lugar”, the Gonzálezes can be seen entering a luxurious hotel located in the north of the country and enjoying the pleasures that money can offer. However, what surprised the viewers was the following sentence: “What is easier, that the Gonzáles become Maldini or that a Maldini becomes Gonzáles?”

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