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“There is room in the background” is one of the most successful series on Peruvian television. It was so well received that it was distributed abroad. Throughout its eight seasons, dozens of actors passed through its ranks and enjoyed fame. However, after its end in 2016, some of its characters decided to move away from the screens and not much was known about them.

Regarding the new season of the production, which will premiere this Wednesday, June 22, meet some of the characters who, after leaving the series, moved away from the small screen. In addition, one of them returns in this edition to the delight of the fans.


Valeria Bringas (Luciana)

One of them is the model. Valeria Bringas, who played Luciana del Prado, the daughter of Raúl del Prado (Christian Thorsen) and ‘Susú’ Ferrand (Daniela Sarfati) in the first seasons of “Al fondo hay lugar”. The young woman starred in an affair with Andrés Wiese (Nicolás) outside and inside the series. Their relationship came to an end in 2010.

Valeria Bringas participated in the series “In the background there is a place”. Photo: Capture America Television

In addition to being an actress, Bringas is an initial education teacher. After the series, she headed to the United States and currently lives in Miami.

Valeria Bringas shared the entire process of her pregnancy on her Instagram account, where she has more than 22,000 followers.

Regarding her work, the actress owns a business called Bolboreta, which specializes in parenting and sensory toys for children. Also, she continually shares experiences of the trips she takes on her social networks.

Valeria Bringas and her husband. Photo: Instagram


Jean Franco Vertiz (‘Potter’)

In mid-2010, actor Jean Franco Vértiz joined the series “In the background there is room”, playing Bonifacio, a production company worker, and quickly became one of the series’ favorite characters.

In the production he also earned the nickname ‘Potter’, with which he became known among the public. His nickname was due to his strong resemblance to the Harry Potter character.

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After his departure from “Al fondo hay lugar”, the young man continued in the world of acting, starring in various films.

His last work as an actor could be seen in the Peruvian film “Irresistable Seductors”, where he had a leading role.

Jean Franco Vértiz (‘Potter’) starred in the film “Irresistible Seducers”. Photo: Facebook

Paolo Goya as Hiro

Paolo Goya He is remembered for playing Hiro Moroboshi in the series “In the background there is a place”. After his departure, the actor of Asian descent who acted as the employee of the Maldini family, took a path out of Peru and settled in Thailand, where he was working on personal projects.

Paolo Goya gave life to Hiro in the series “In the background there is room”. Photo: Capture America TV

A few days ago it was announced that the actor will be part of the series again, which will premiere its ninth season this Wednesday, June 22. Goya said that what encouraged him to return was that his character did not have an end in production. “His story was there and that makes me happy because perhaps now that can be compensated. Let’s see what happens”said.

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Andres Messiah (‘Jaimito’)

In the last three seasons of “In the background there is a place”, the role of ‘Jaimito’ fell on the actor Andrés Mesía. Although his character was not one of the protagonists, he did have notoriety with his presence and occurrences at important moments in the series.

The artist, who was barely 16 years old at the time, became part of the production until the last chapter in 2016.

After moving away from television, the actor would have chosen to keep his private life away from the spotlight, since his social networks are in private mode. What is known so far is that he would have traveled abroad in recent years.

Andrés Mesía played ‘Jaimito’ in “Al fondo hay lugar”. Photo: Capture America TV.

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