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Fans of “Al fondo hay lugar” are counting down the hours for what will be the long-awaited return of this series, which became one of the most watched programs on national television. The production of America will present new faces on the screen, but the most representative will continue to lead it to maintain that hilarious style that generated great reception among viewers.

According to the progress that could be seen these days, Las Lomas will not continue to be the neighborhood where the events take place and everything indicates that there will be new locations. However, there are other new faces that are still kept secret and that could surprise your audience.


When does “In the background there is room 9” begin?

The new season of “In the background there is room” will arrive this Wednesday, June 22 through América Televisión.

What season premieres in “In the background there is a place” 2022?

This will be the ninth season of “Al fondo hay lugar” since its memorable premiere in 2009. With all the installments, it has exceeded the number of 1,000 episodes on the air.

Find out how to follow the new adventures of the Gonzales and the Maldini. Photo: composition by Fabrizio Oviedo / La República

At what time does Al fondo hay lugar 2022 premiere?

The schedule chosen by América Televisión is 8:30 pm throughout the national territory.

How to watch America TV LIVE?

In order not to miss the return of “Al fondo hay lugar” you only have to tune in to the América TV signal on the cable operator you have at home.

Direct TV: Channel 194 (SD) – Channel 1194 (HD)

Movistar TV: Channel 104 (SD) – Channel 804 (HD)

Clear TV: Channel 4

Some of the actors and actresses who return in this season of “In the background there is room”. Photo: America TV

How to watch America TV GO LIVE FOR FREE?

To follow the premiere of “In the background there is a place” you will only have to enter from any device.

Who are the new actors?

  • Maria Grace Gamarra
  • Giovanni Cicia
  • Karime Scander
  • Frank Pennano
  • George War
  • Rodrigo Beard.

María Grazia Gamarra, Franco Pennano and Karime Scander play the new characters in the series, the Montalbán family. Photo: composition / Instagram

Cast of In the background there is room 2022

  • Francesca Maldin
  • Yvonne Frayssinet
  • Adolfo Chuman
  • Erick Elera
  • Magdyel Ugaz
  • David Almandoz
  • Laszlo Kovacs
  • Charles Solano
  • Adolfo Chuman
  • Monica Sanchez
  • Gustavo Bueno
  • Paolo Goya.

This is the confirmed cast for the ninth season of “Al fondo hay lugar”. Photo: Gianella Aguirre/ URPI-LR

What are the new advances of “In the background there is room” 2022?

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