the studio will introduce its first homosexual character in this Christmas film

Waited on the screens for the end of the year, this animated film signed disney will present his first homosexual character. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Disney wants to offer better representation of the LGBT community in its films

After Luke, Drunk or more recently Red alertDisney is about to unveil his next successful feature film. This is’Avalonia, the strange journey (Strange World in VO). In addition to making spectators dream with grandiose landscapes and supernatural and fantastic creaturesthe next film will also present to the public the first homosexual character in the history of Disney animation studios.

The synopsis of the feature film is as follows: “Strange World will take viewers on a fabulous journey through an unexplored and threatening land populated by fantastical creatures in the company of the Clades, a family of legendary explorers whose differences could derail their last and by far their most important mission.” .

Who is Ethan, Disney’s first gay character?

After earning the wrath of Pixar studio employees, who denounced censorship in films produced by the studios, Bob Chapek, general manager of The Walt Disney Company, had promised to provide better representation for LGBTQ+ characters. in studio films. With Avalonia, the strange journeythis will be done, in particular through the protagonist of Ethan Clide. Through a short extract from the film unveiled at the Annecy festival, Disney revealed a flirting scene between the teenager and another boy. The latter seem to seduce each other timidly, but there is no question of mentioning the coming-out of Ethan to his family, who seems to have already done so earlier in the story. Searcher, his father, will nevertheless seek to know everything about the one who makes his son’s heart beat.

The character of Ethan will be played by Jabouke Young-White in the original version. The rest of the cast consists of Jake Gyllenhaal as Searcher, the family man, while Dennis Quaid (The day after) will lend her voice to Jaeger Clade, Gabrielle Union (American Girls) to Meridian Clade and Lucy Liu (Kill Bill) to Callisto Mal.

Unfortunately, Avalonia, the strange journey will not be unveiled in French cinemas next November, as will be the case in all the other countries where it will be broadcast. In protest at the media timeline, Disney has decided to sanction French cinema groups by not making their next film accessible on the big screen. We will therefore have to wait for its release on the Disney + catalog to find out, and for the time being, no precise release date has been communicated. It will therefore be necessary to be patient before discovering Strange World on our screens…

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