The reason why June 20 is celebrated as Yellow Day or the happiest day of the year

The reason why June 20 is celebrated as Yellow Day or the happiest day of the year

Surely this day you saw in various media, that Yellow Day is celebrated or the happiest day of the year, the reason is because summer is coming in the northern hemisphere, and the days are longer, there is more free time for vacations and in general people like sunny days.

The date arises to make the counterpart of Blue Mondaywhich is designated as the saddest day, which is the third Monday in January, represented with the color blue and of course Yellow Monday with the color yellow that has always been related through psychology as the tone of positivity, happiness, optimism and joy.

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It is a date that is related to reasons related to meteorology, since summer is a season that makes almost all people happy and the answer is that having more light is serotonin, known as the hormone of happiness. However, science says that it is an interesting neurotransmitter, because it is involved in the regulation of our emotions and in social behavior.

According to The List, the origin of the celebration of this date goes back to 2005, when the psychologist Cliff Arnall thought that it was also necessary to select a day to mark it as the happiest day of the yearafter Blue Monday was marked, the saddest day of the year.

The idea, which took into account variables such as travel time, delays and hours of sleep, soon went viral.. Thus, it was decided to accept it as an international day, and the third Monday of the year would become the saddest day. And it is that the success of Blue Monday forced this specialist to emerge his counterpart.

When Arnall decided to also create a formula for happiness: O+(NxS)+Cpm/T+He. The variables correspond to: O (outside): the time a person spends going out into the street and disconnecting; N (nature): the outings that a person prepares throughout the year; S (socialize): the time a person spends with their friends and family.

Likewise, CPM: the memory indicator, of the memories that a person has, of the good times they have gone through; T (temperature): one of the external factors that most affects happiness, temperature and He (holidays in English): the time a person has free.

According to Onda Cero, the reasons for this happiness are:

Temperatures rise. As specialists have been able to confirm, the temperature that best suits us is between 20 and 21 degrees Celsius. This is usually the average temperature in June.

More hours of light. Sunbathing activates the creation of serotonin, also known as the hormone of happiness, and we already mentioned it.

Holiday days. Planning trips and plans that happen in summer favors a good mood and a rise in spirits.

Summer sales. Between June and July the start of the sales is celebrated, an ideal opportunity to buy clothes at very low prices. No one can deny that no matter how anti-capitalist you are, we love new clothes and make them happy.

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