The photo of Karol G that set fire to social networks

Since Carol G reborn after her breakup with Anuel AA, has been more empowered and self-confident than ever. She first started, a few months ago, with a dress that left nothing to the imagination, recently she surprised with some photos naked on the beach, and now she was very sensual in a tiny black bikini.

The series made up of five photos, in which she is seen posing directly to the cell phone, accompanied her with a phrase that says: “I was with someone but I’m already free.” Alluding to her recent singleness.

All of her followers flooded the post with thousands of likes and comments praising how good it looks. A girl wrote to her: “Mommy, that spanking… what a photo sister, she waits for me to take mine. Love you”.

“And without filters for the critics, the women because they are so hard on each other and they don’t realize that if she joins and they leave so much rivalry they will take over the world”, wrote a second person. While a third was encouraged to refer to the singer’s ex, writing: “Anuel must definitely be on drugs to change a tremendous woman for Yailin.”

On the cover of the little “album” of photos from Carol G she is seen lying down, with her head resting on her hand, while looking at the camera.

Going to the second image, she is seen in quadruped while smiling directly at the camera.

Then comes the photo that raised the most sighs among his followers. And finally, another one that his fans praised a lot, where Carol G standing straight in front of the camera, showing her torso.

Karol G is more bichota than ever

By now we all know the hit bug from Carol G, but few of us know the true meaning of this. This is why the singer herself was the one who was in charge of clarifying this expression and everything that it implies.

“The term refers to a moment when you feel sexy, flirtatious, sassy, ​​strong, empowered and, to a certain extent, it translates into self-motivation and self-confidence. We are all super ‘Bichotas’ inside. It is about believing and working so that the rest of the world can also see it“, commented Carol G during an interview for the YouTube program ‘The Rockstar Show’.

Did you know what the meaning of bug?

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