the best of OLED TVs, and at a lower cost

Cathodic, LCD, plasma, LED, 4K, Smart TV, OLED, our televisions have never stopped evolving over the years. Ever bigger, ever thinner and above all, with an ever more elaborate image quality, televisions now offer us a memorable experience, which is ever closer to that found in cinemas. And at Cobra, an image and sound specialist for 40 years, you can discover handpicked televisions at attractive prices.


Over the years, televisions have never been as diverse as they are today. Only, with so many different models on the market, it’s hard to know where to turn. Despite everything, one technology has established itself as the best of the moment: OLED. But what is OLED? The main difference between an OLED TV and another TV is that an OLED TV is able to turn on and off each pixel independently. So when your series or movie is supposed to display an image that contains black, the black is deeper. A contrast far beyond other technologies in the sector, which allows OLED technology to be presented as the most optimal of the moment.

But an OLED TV isn’t just about deep blacks, it’s also about rich shades of color highlighting unexpected details. Also, the faster the pixel response time, the smoother the motion visible on the screen. A dynamism that does not tire, even after several hours of viewing, a godsend for moviegoers or gamers. OLED TVs also offer an increased viewing angle, allowing viewers to position themselves where they want without ever having color rendition or brightness impacted. And with the approach of a complicated energy period, know that OLED TVs are intended to be economical. How ? Simply because black pixels off do not consume anything.

On the sound side, OLED TVs range from stereo to Dolby Atmos. Sufficient technologies for ordinary mortals who can however struggle to convince the finest ears. It will then be necessary to turn to sound bars or a home cinema.


And if you’re looking for a OLED-TVknow that Cobra offers no less than 87 different models. LG, Panasonic, Samsung, excellent brands that have managed to establish themselves as the master builders of OLED TV. In addition to the brand, you will then have to choose your resolution, 4K or 8K, according to your desires, needs, but above all your budget. And finally, the diagonal. At Cobra, OLED TVs range from 42″ (107 cm) to 82″ (208 cm). In particular, it is possible to lay eyes on the LG OLED55G2, a new generation 4K OLED TV of 140 cm. Why new generation? Quite simply because the G2 series from LG is 30% brighter than the C2 series, thanks to the use of an OLED EX panel, for OLED Evolution eXperience.

A high-performance TV with a thickness of only 27 mm that can be fixed to the wall, for unparalleled aesthetics. With its 100Hz refresh rate, this TV is suitable for lovers of beautiful cinematic experiences as well as gamers hungry for dynamism. A Smart TV guaranteed for 5 years with 4 HDMI 2.1 inputs, 3 USB ports but also Time Shifting, which allows the pause of live as well as the PVR, or the recording of a program on demand. High-performance televisions, Cobra has a slew of them. And thanks to manufacturer promotions, it is possible to make great savings, generally several hundred euros.

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