the arrival of advertisements on the platform confirmed again

Last month, we already revealed to you that netflix could launch the advertising on its platform much sooner than you might think, having first been announced for next year by the CEO of Netflix, Reed Hasting. But the giant’s new strategy streaming seems already in the pipes, a recent announcement having confirmed what some feared so much.

confirmation of a new formula

Last May, the New York Times previously reported that Netflix told its employees that an ad-supported subscription plan could launch by the end of 2022. This version of Netflix would then be cheaper than the standard subscription, although we do not yet know what the exact amount would be..

And today, on the occasion of the Cannes Lions Festival, the host of the podcast Sway Kara Swisher spoke with the Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos. The latter then confirmed that the streaming platform was indeed going to add an advertising component to its offer. He said:

We’ve left out an important customer segment, which is people who say, “Netflix is ​​too expensive for me and I don’t mind advertising.”

We’re adding a level of advertising, but we’re not adding advertising to the Netflix you already know.

Iit would therefore seem that this offer is intended for potential customers who would be willing to watch advertisements in return for a lower cost rate. But as recalled by wall street journal, the world of advertising is unfamiliar territory for Netflix, and this is why the streaming giant would have approached certain companies with experience in the field, like Google or Comcast Corp. (owned by NBCUniversal), the two main competitors likely to help Netflix implement its new advertising strategy.

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This new offer could therefore arrive on the streaming platform as early as the fall, and aims to put Netflix on a level playing field with its competitors such as Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+ and Paramount+, with some already offering cheaper subscriptions incorporating advertisements.

That said, the timing of this news may not be the best for Netflix, which has already announced a number of somewhat anti-consumer policy changes these last months. Besides a likely price increase, the streaming platform also wants to increase costs for users who share their passwords with others outside the home.

However, we all know why Netflix acts like this: the platform lost nearly 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of the year, and expects to lose another two million more in the next quarter. And with the increasing number of competitors it has to face, the company must show that it can keep its title of “streaming giant”, even if it means implementing strategies that may not please everyonesuch as to avoid unsubscriptions.


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