Summer readings | What will Eric Duhaime read?

We asked the leaders of the main provincial parties to entrust us with three of their summer readings from here and elsewhere, just in time for the start of the holidays. Today: the leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec.

President Reagan – The Role of a Lifetime

Public Affairs

I like to read a lot, especially in the summer, during the holidays. I received on my birthday the biography of President Reagan, in English. My friends told me that I absolutely must read it. It’s a 900-page book from a few years ago, so it’s a big read that’s going to be in order. I might even drag this on the bus during the election because I wouldn’t need to change books often. I like to read 10 or 20 pages, just to relax, before falling asleep. It’s the perfect kind of reading for that. »

Base Type Null: The Adventures of Michelangelo

Base Type Null: The Adventures of Michelangelo

future free

“It’s a humorous story written by my friend Michel Kelly-Gagnon, CEO of the Montreal Economic Institute. What’s interesting is that it’s a post-COVID fiction where someone wakes up in a world where we are increasingly controlled. [Le personnage] is one of the dissidents and we follow him in his adventures, through all the adventures of a world in decline. »

My seasonal diaries: spring-summer

My seasonal diaries: spring-summer

KO Editions

“I am going to surprise you a lot with this title. My boyfriend bought it for me because I cook at home. I love reading cookbooks, I read them like a novel. I like to cook, but I’m not the type who follows a recipe line by line. I look at the mixture of flavors and ingredients and I am inspired by it. And Josée di Stasio is one of my favorites. I spend hours just looking at the pictures and imagining things to try from there. It inspires me for other things, even to cross recipes, sometimes, or mix dishes. That too is something I want to make this summer because these are all summer recipes, so for sure I will try some. When I’m home, I’m going to take the opportunity to spoil my boyfriend, because he won’t see me often! »

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