Streaming tip: Haunted – Incredible witness reports on Netflix

Poster of the series Haunted – Incredible testimonies aka Haunted (c) Netflix

Ghosts, demons or even extraterrestrials are a topic that keeps occupying even rational people. Of course, there are many (alleged) witnesses who claim to have been confronted with such encounters – and such encounters are what the series Haunted: Incredible Testimonies, which has been on Netflix since 2018, is about.

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Haunted – Incredible Witness Accounts

Reality formats based (sometimes more, sometimes less) on true events are also booming in the streaming sector, especially those that deal with stories from the frontiers of our knowledge. In today’s streaming tip, we’d like to see the Netflix series “Haunted: Incredible testimonies” (original title “haunted“) present the appropriately weighed viewers since 2018 in three seasons with six episodes each and a five-part spin-off (“Haunted: Incredible testimonies from Latin America‘) presents absolutely and guaranteed true stories about ghosts, demons and more.

In so far 23 episodes (counting the spin-off series with stories from Latin America) between 25 and almost 50 minutes long, people from all over the American continent describe their experiences with phenomena that for the most part cannot be scientifically explained or can only be explained with difficulty.

It’s about apparitions of the creepy white ghost woman as well as cases of demonic possession in humans and even a doll or it’s about a mysterious secret room in an old house in which terrible things are said to have happened and even in the truest sense of the word eerie encounters with aliens. Everything is of course one hundred percent authentic and true, because the respective victims and the witnesses (portrayed in dramatic scenes by actors) have their say in every episode.

true or not?

Formats like “haunted‘ can also be seen in a large selection on free TV, and some broadcasters even organize regular themed evenings with episodes of the numerous reality ghost series in which eerie old walls are explored or alleged ghostly apparitions are investigated. What is it about the Netflix series “haunted‘ from these other rows?

Let’s not kid ourselves: There are probably only a few viewers who really take the descriptions in the individual episodes at face value, no matter how shocked the reporters may seem or even fight back tears in many episodes at the sight of their experiences; just the premise that these are actual events sends a shiver down the spine of the viewer with an affinity for this…

hauntedIn any case, it impresses with a visibly higher production effort than many other formats that have been realized at a significantly lower price and appears of higher quality, also in the quite numerous shock and make-up effects in the individual episodes. The series also doesn’t miss out on comforting horror and excitement, and some of the episodes (such as the one about the “war demon‘ in the episode of the same name) can definitely compete with regular, avowedly fictitious horror series. And, hand on heart: Which hardened horror fan, after enjoying a particularly creepy work, can acquit himself of the question of whether what he has just seen is not based entirely on facts, as assured at the beginning of each episode? After all, you weren’t there…

Stuff for spooky Friday nights

The reviewer makes it pretty easy and considers “haunted‘ quite simply as a horror short story anthology. But it’s one he’s thoroughly enjoyed and eagerly awaits its fourth season. Nothing is known about such a thing so far, but Netflix has often released new products without much prior notice, which is why there is definitely hope.

haunted‘ is something like fast food for fans of the spooky side of the fantastic and is quite enjoyable if you approach the series with the right attitude. Enjoy the next spooky Friday night!

Finally, here is a trailer for today’s streaming tip, the Netflix format “Haunted – Incredible Witness Accounts“aka”haunted“:

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