Signs that a man does not want anything serious with you

Falling in love can be beautiful and if the relationship is healthy, enjoyable and prosperous, it will bring much joy and happiness, but when we come across a unrequited love or with an incompatibility that ends up becoming evident, there may be disappointment and even suffering and overcoming it will weigh.

Do not be discouraged, if that person is not the right one, the right one will come, you just have to take the risk and dare to meet people. now what if you are in love and you think that person does not correspond In the same way to your feelings, you have to pay attention to the signs to realize if there is interest on the part of the other or not.

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If there is interest, it is possible that the other person simply does not know how to express himself, but his attitude must be well noted because perhaps there is only flirting, but he does not want anything serious and although there is a bond, he does not want anything more formal with the dynamics. these are five signs that the man you like does not want anything serious with you.

Doesn’t try hard to meet you

The person who is truly interested in you will do everything to get to know you thoroughly; she will ask you about your hobbies and likes, try to be romantic and spend time together, as well as engage in constant communication. If he pays attention to you and cares about you, you are a priorityotherwise, it does not intend anything serious or formal.

Signs that a man does not want anything serious with you. PHOTO: Unsplash

Talk about your love life

Although the context of the conversation must be taken into account, if He talks about his love life, his ex, the women he has met or people with whom you would like to go out, it is clear that your mind is in another tune and you have nothing to do there. Maybe you think there is a connection because he gives you a lot of details and opens his heart, but it is not a sign that he is conquering you.

He doesn’t tell you personal things

In this same idea, if that man you like is distant and does not tell you anything, it is because there is no connection of any kind. There is no friendship, because You are not someone I trust or feel comfortable talking to more in depth. If he doesn’t share anything and his talks are superficial, he’s not interested in you.

cancel plans

When you like someone, you want to spend time with that person, you make plans, you look for common interests and so on. If that someone is not interested in you, they are not thinking about wanting to see you all the time or spend it with you, so it is likely that he will cancel plans, have to leave as soon as he arrives or when you are together, his mind is on another channel.

flirt with other people

There are people who flirt with other people to arouse the interest of their crush and that is why it is difficult to know if this is a sign that they are seriously interested in you or not. But as a general rule, if you see him flirting with other people in front of you, it’s not good, because he is not thinking about respecting you, taking care of you and conquering you, but about the possible relationship with someone else.

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