Shakira breaks ties with her ex-mother-in-law despite the affection she had for him "they didn’t even greet each other"

Shakira breaks ties with her ex-mother-in-law despite the affection she had for her “They didn’t even greet each other” | Special: Instagram

On November 19, Shakira and Gerard Piqué met again in the final of a baseball tournament for their son Milan where they captured images that would prove that the singer broke ties with her ex-mother-in-law and “completely ignored her”.

The newspaper “El Español” reported that Gerard Piqué arrived at the stadium first accompanied by his parents, Montserrat Bernabéu and Joan Piquéand that minutes later, the Colombian singer arrived with Sasha and her inseparable brother Tonino Mebarak.

Witnesses reported that the 45-year-old interpreter from Barranquilla and Gerard Piqué “did not exchange glances or exchange words”, and at the end of the game, both posed for a souvenir photograph with the Barcelona Baseball Club but positioned very distant between them.

And the Spanish paparazzi, Jordi Martin, affirmed that Shakira did not greet any of the companions who arrived at the stadium with Gerard Piqué, including her ex-mother-in-law Montserrat Berabéu, whom At no time during the game did he turn to look or try to come over to say hello.

“What I can assure you is that the relationship between Shakira, Piqué and his parents is totally null. They never greeted each other and tried to avoid each other at all times.”

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Apparently Shakira broke ties with the mother of the former Barça defender With whom, according to the tabloids, he used to have extensive conversations during MIlan and Sasha’s matches, even after the singer and the former soccer player announced their separation.

They assure that he made an obscene sign to Piqué

During the popular Spanish television program “Socialité” they broadcast a controversial video captured during the final of the tournament in which the singer-songwriter from Barranquilla, Colombia appears, watching the game in the lower area of ​​the field.

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The presenters of the popular program on the Telecinco network explained that the images show Shakira making an alleged obscene sign with the middle finger of his right hand presumably dedicated to the former FC Barcelona player.

“There is no doubt. We clearly see how Shakira raises her finger to make a comb (obscene sign) and everything indicates that it is addressed to her ex, who is in the field at that time.”

The journalist Marc Leirado pointed out that it has been speculated that the supposed obscene sign made by Shakira was addressed to the press that was in the stadium, but that the interpreter of “Monotonía” I was looking towards the stands where Gerard Piqué was standing.

“Logically Shakira was looking towards the stands where Piqué was. So there is no doubt that it was directed at him. I doubt very much that it was directed at the press, as some think because she has always been very kind to the press.” .

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