Series start of the German series in September on ZDFneo and the media library

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Ruby: Series start of the German series in September on ZDFneo

Rosina Kaleab as Simone, Anna Boeger as Ruby, Camill Jammal as David (c) ZDF and Frank Dicks

For September, ZDFneo has announced the new sitcom Ruby, which will celebrate its premiere in the ZDFmediathek. The focus is on the title heroine Ruby, who works at a bank in the small town and her everyday life.

On Friday, September 2nd at 10 a.m., the new German sitcom Ruby celebrates its German premiere on the ZDFmediathek. On Tuesday, September 13 at 9.45 p.m., the format will then be shown in double episodes as a free TV premiere on ZDFneo.

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Ruby (Anna Böger), a bank clerk in a sleepy small town, is happy with herself and her life. Slightly clumsy, she maneuvers her way through the challenges of everyday life. For Ruby’s chronically overwhelmed boss Mr. Becker (Andreas Berg) and her young, ambitious colleague Gilda (Sogol Faghani), Ruby’s behavior sometimes takes some getting used to. Ruby’s best friend, real estate agent Simone (Rosina Kaleab), knows Ruby’s quirks all too well and loves her for that very reason. When one day Ruby’s old school friend David (Camill Jammal) returns from a trip around the world and opens a bistro in town, Ruby’s life is turned upside down. Not just because Ruby wears a grape costume when she first meets her.

Natascha Beller is directing from scripts by Giulia Becker with the collaboration of Anika Soisson. It is produced under the umbrella of BBC Studios Germany and Studio Zentral on behalf of ZDFneo. The German series is based on the BBC original “miranda‘ by Miranda Hart.

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