Samuel Suárez confronts Evelin Jiménez, Mario Irivarren’s confidant: “Have you already forgotten how you split Ivana Yturbe?” | Vania Bludau | Instarandula | entertainment

Mario Irivarren and Vania Bludau They continue to cause controversy with the revelations made by their relatives regarding the violence that occurred in this relationship. Several figures from the show came out to give their opinion on the subject and Samuel Suarez was no exception. However, the leader of instarandula He surprised his followers with a great revelation.

As recalled, Evelyn Jimenezpartner and friend of Mario Irivarren, spoke before the cameras of “love and fire” and attacked Vania Bludau, assuring that the model left the former reality boy without a job.


What did Samuel Suarez say?

The communicator used his Instagram account to disclose more information about this romance and assured that he already knew Evelin Jiménez several years ago.

“Yesterday I was surprised to see Evelin Jiménez, whom I once knew by Karen Dejo, and yes, indeed, she is very close to Mario, she is almost his son,” said the popular “Samu” to contextualize his next statements.

“I heard in Magaly how she said: ‘I, of Vania, do not have a good concept, but of the previous exes, Ivana and Alondra, fine’. Have you already forgotten, Evelin, how you split with me about Ivana? Don’t be a scoundrel!” he exclaimed loud and clear.

He also commented on the closeness between the two characters: “I think Evelin (…) loves Mario so much, she loves him so much. She has always dedicated herself to him, his entire life, through thick and thin (…). Plain and simple, she is his confidant.”

“I don’t think your attempt to help Mario has served much (…). Is that why you declare? ”, He finished.

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Vania Bludau reveals that Evelin supported her

The model communicated with the production of the Magaly Medina program and showed the entire conversation she had with Evelin Jiménez shortly after ending her relationship with Mario Irivarren.

Jiménez also spoke with ATV and said the following: “It is very different that you also ask me about Ivana, about Alondra, about others (with whom) I have lived and have the best memories.”

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