Rappers Tasha & Tracie cancel performance at coMA festival after disrespect

Artists claim they didn’t have rooms at the hotel where they said they would be staying.

the rappers Tasha and tracie canceled the presentation they were going to make this Saturday (6) at the comMA festival for reasons of disrespect. The artists claimed in a video that was posted on social media, that they stayed more than two hours in the lobby of the hotel where they would be staying, as they claimed that they did not have a room available for them.

“Guys, we are here now leaving in front of the hotel in Brasilia, the coMa festival will no longer take place our presentation for reasons of disrespect. We stayed at the hotel for two hours there, they said they didn’t have rooms for us, an hour waiting for a van… because of several disrespects… look here, we’re wearing the clothes from yesterday’s show, turned around… now we’re heading back to the airport to try get a flight back home, because I just want to rest. It seems that we came here to improvise, nobody knew that we would come to play” Tasha in a video on the networks.

Many fans who bought tickets to see the artists’ concert were disappointed with the problems they went through. “Sorry and disrespectful that they do this to you who are badass artists… imagine what they do to lesser known artists. I’m so sad,” said a fan. “Very sad really, I’m sorry that this city doesn’t respect the amazing artists you are, I bought it just for you… I hope you come back soon and with better quality in your stay here”

So far the coMA festival team has not yet commented, we will update the publication if we have a note about what happened.

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