Prince William breaks royal protocol and creates emotion

On May 11, Kate Middleton and Prince William were on an official visit to Scotland as part of Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee. On this occasion, the Cambridges visited the residents of an establishment caring for disadvantaged people, in particular the homeless.

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A moment full of emotion

As in each of their official outings, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were expected by a crowd of people during this visit. Among these people was William Burns, a 66-year-old pensioner who was particularly moved to meet the future king. Seeing how the pensioner was touched to see him in person, Prince William did not hesitate for a second to break the royal protocol, however very strict, in order to take the man in his arms and give him a friendly hug. A rare gesture which obviously recalls Princess Diana who never hesitated to hug people.

A moment that greatly touched everyone present on the spot and which shows, once again, how much Prince William wants to modernize the monarchy by being more accessible. Recently, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge notably took the decision to lighten the royal protocol in their regard in order to get closer to the people. Moreover, the parents of George, Charlotte and Louis also took advantage of this outing to take selfies with people who wanted to. A beautiful moment of sharing.

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