Pete Davidson Talks Kim Kardashian’s Intimacy In Her ‘The Kardashians’ Reality Debut

Pete Davidson is always looking to make a joke.

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian They’ve been dating for a long time, and it’s clear that the two are going strong. They were together at the Met Gala recently, and in the latest episodes of The Kardashians, Kim is absolutely thrilled with her new man. While she doesn’t reveal whether or not they are in love, there is no doubt that Kim is in love with Pete, who has made a good impression on her and her family.

Recently, Pete made his first appearance in The Kardashians, although he was off-screen for that. In typical Davidson fashion, he decided to make a very rude comment about the show while Kim talked about his longtime audio producer Erin Paxton. When Kim said that Paxton had probably seen her vagina, Pete immediately said, “More than me?”

Kim Kardashian couldn’t help but laugh at the comment, though he said, “No more than you. But she’s probably already seen it.” When Paxton denied this, Kim continued to comment on the matter, saying, “Haven’t you seen my vagina? We will get there. It takes time to warm up to see my vagina. But you can look it up on the Internet.”

With Davidson finally making his voice heard on the show, it won’t be long before he actually gets some air time. We’re sure fans of the show are eagerly awaiting that day, as it’s bound to come with some hilarious rumors about his relationship with Kim.

‘The Kardashians’ is broadcast in Brazil on the Star+ platform.

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