Partner: know the qualities of the people you attract

We generally relate to a person who is successful in their relationships, not only those of a couple, that of friendship, even family members, with a person with an image of strength, security, integrity or even rigidity, but the truth is that the bases of personal magnetism are based on other values ​​closer to flexibility, as described in detail in his book The 88 steps of happy people by Anxo Pérez.

The author confesses that he himself held the wrong idea about people for years that they attract and that it was the study of behavior and his own experience that led him to modify it. He tells the Spanish newspaper ABC that some people seem to have a natural talent for being attractive that does not always have to do with physical appearance.

Also, detail that That innate ability can make them able to catch looks and be the subject of comments just by their presence wherever they go. But this usually happens rarely. And Anxo Pérez identifies which are the eight keys that increase a person’s magnetism in order to value them, learn from them and, why not, work to enrich our magnetism, that is, the ability to attract other people.

They prefer to say praise rather than sarcasm

Here the intention does not matter, that is, there is a comment loaded with bitterness, anger, complaint or criticism. Nor is it worth being like that, because the other deserves it. Anxo Pérez explains that sarcastic comments are placed on the same level as irony or cruelty as far as the magnetism or attraction of others is concerned, their value is zero. So forget that black humor.

They praise sincerely

The expert invites us to reconvert that desire to be sarcastic so that we try to connect with the other and not attack him. The people who attract are the ones who throw on the other sincere compliments, and learn to say them to their face, with courage.

They avoid megalomania

A person who makes others see that he has a social and economic position superior to the real one or even superior to that of the rest not only removes attractiveness, but also contributes to people not wanting to be around, according to Anxo Pérez. This is a common behavior among megalomaniacs to believe that this way of acting gives them charisma, but in reality the opposite happens and trying to humiliate others takes away your value as a person and therefore attractive.

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The people they attract are sincere

Criticism is not in your vocabulary

The personal development expert assures that what the people they attract do is turn accusations, anger and quarrels into questions. In fact, as Anxo Pérez proposes, these types of people, instead of questioning, accusing or blaming, raise a doubt using magic phrases such as I do not know if there has been an error, to refer to what bothers them.

They avoid generalizing

The author of The 88 Steps of Happy People says that these people avoid these types of statements and before making them, that person stop to think if what he is saying with an exacerbated vehemence is a personal preference or can really have a universal vocation .

A simple formula to give an opinion a particular character is to start the sentence with the expression in my experience, because it is not the same to say, everyone should be sociable than to be more empathetic and take responsibility for their opinions as “in my experience it is positive to talk to people and learn from them ”.

They always use conciliatory language

Not only do these people give the benefit of the doubt, but they do not use value judgments that are subtle reproaches, that can be so tempting, and that mania of constantly questioning what others do or say are not only exhausting attitudes, but also they are capable of making us hateful towards others.

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People who attract do not judge

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