Outfits with wide leg jeans to look taller and more elegant

The jeans are undoubtedly one of our favorite clothes; essential in every wardrobe but also versatile, comfortablecombinable and perfect for any occasion, since we can make them casual or formal depending on the design and combination of garments that we put on them.

There’s a lot varieties of stylesamong them, the wide leg jeans, that can be flattering for a sophisticated and elegant finish, which also, They can also help you look tallercombine them with the shoes with which you combine them, although of course, if they are high, sneakers, boots or platforms, for example, the garment and the footwear will create the illusion that your legs are longer and your more stylized figure.

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Here are some outfit ideas using different wide leg denim pants.to look fabulous and get the best out of them, always adapting to your style, your tastes and your personality, because express yourself and understand yourself with your wardrobe is the most important.

With a long blazer

Combining wide leg jeans and blazer It is one of the basics that cannot fail. style will be instantly sophisticated and the long jacket will give the feeling that your silhouette is a great straight line, long and thin.

Oversized shirt or t-shirt

You may think that the combination is not going to work, because we know that it is best to wear a wide garment with another that is not, but when placing a open oversize t-shirt or shirt, that fits well, you can achieve a great visual effect that flatters your figure.

open shoes and tops

Jeans with open shoes They are the perfect combination and if we talk about wide leg jeans, even more so. Wear some sneakers to add a lot of sophistication to the outfit and gain height. Likewise, here if you balance, opting for a top or crop top and voila, it will look great.

short sweater

Wide leg jeans will look great with a short cardigan Don’t go past your hips. The cut at the waist, especially if the jeans are high-waisted, will balance the proportions of the body, so even better if you use contrasting tones between pants and sweater.

With basic shirts

opt for one basic shirt It is the most classic but error-proof idea. The outfit will have a simplicity that will give it an elegant touch. The outfit will look more sophisticated if you wear shoes and you don’t have tennis, but if you are looking for a casual style with a chic touch, this combo with Sports shoes It will be flattering too.

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