NGC Daddy announce single ‘Real Underground’ for Thursday

NGC Daddy promises to make movement on the scene with launch

Raised in Complexo do Alemão, NGC Daddy, 19 years old, is one of the best known names in national trap. With over 800,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel and 795,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, the artist’s relevance and reach is what motivates him to do much more. He announced that he will release his first single this year. Entitled “Real Underground”, Daddy revealed that the sound arrives for the public next Thursday (10).

It is worth remembering that last year, Daddy stated that his EP, which bears the same name as this release, was in the oven. “My EP ‘Real Underground’ is almost finished and if you are my fan and are expecting light and commercial content, forgive me..”, said the artist. Some netizens got excited saying “One step away from being the most respected white man in rap, dps of Ret, Renan Inquérito and Eduardo Taddeu”, he said.

The last big release that Daddy participated was “Aonde sou cria”, with his friend Borges. One of the most exciting lines Daddy is: “I make a lot of money, my pocket is too heavy. Selling super x, I don’t want a contract. I’m not going to close with a warrant, black and white setting fire to racist. Borges is handsome, poor Caio Castro”, he sang.

Extolling the aesthetics of real trap: ostentation, parties and drinks, Daddy has already said in an interview that his style has a lot of reference to the hip hop that he used to hear in his childhood. “Since I was little I always listened to hip hop, I had those DVDs with songs by Rihanna, Chris Brown, 50 Cent, and I kept watching it every day. I liked the beat, the style of the artists and the whole sound was something very different, after that came the time of YouTube, me with my cousin’s Notebook, I was listening and watching the clips, and not only hip hop, I also listened to love song”, he explains.

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