Netflix releases an apocalyptic trailer for the final part

Season 4 of Stranger Things is about to conclude on Netflix and looks darker than ever in its trailer.

It’s still an event for Netflix. Stranger Things remains one of the original series on the platform that manages to stay the course, without losing its audience despite the vagaries and (too) long waits between seasons. The fourth part of the series also recalled the ferocious enthusiasm of the fans and their deep emotion regarding the new adventures of the protagonists. The phenomenon therefore remains and the first volume of Stranger Things 4 audience ratings exploded.

A final trailer comes to drive the nail of impatience for those who loved the first part and announces a further rise in terms of intensity. Bringing together the (less) merry band once again, it stages them in a twilight and desperate final confrontation, while the most striking music of this season resounds: Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush.

Our heroes would therefore not be ready, facing a tough opponent that nothing seems to be able to stop. If they too have a bad feeling about the end of events, we can legitimately worry. Until recently, the creators of Stranger Things predicted the death of main characters, not without malice. We could “expect everything”, which could be good news as well as very bad omen.

Suddenly, some dialogue in the trailer sounds like goodbyes. This glowing atmosphere seems to signal the end of an era, and perhaps exposes us to something more sinister than a bittersweet end. Don’t panic though: this season won’t be the last. Barring a tragedy, Stranger Things should keep its pleasing cast and see it grow a little more, no doubt facing ever greater dangers for a fifth and final season.

Like any good teenage saga that lasts over time, the increasingly adult tone should contribute to more substantial and engaging issues. The second volume of season 4 of Stranger Things will be available on July 1, while the first is already available on Netflix.

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