Netflix | Mixed reception for Wednesday

Series wednesday by Tim Burton, launched Wednesday on Netflix, receives a mixed reception. Jenna Ortega, who plays the morbid teenager of the Adams family, is however praised.

The wink is obvious, it was Wednesday that Neflix put online wednesday. In the series directed by Tim Burton, the young daughter of the Adams family ends up at Nevermore Academy, a school for strange children, after being expelled from a high school ordinary for throwing piranhas into the pool during water polo practice to avenge his bullied brother.

Actress Jenna Ortega garnered rave reviews for her performance in this series, which some critics however consider insufficiently dark. “Ortega is perfect as the gifted, nihilistic teenager who’d rather hang out in a crypt than join a club,” writes the Los Angeles Times, in a rave review. She embodies Wednesday with her flat affectivity and utter disregard for her peers. »

variety also finds qualities in the series, but judges it harshly overall. “ wednesdayas a whole, never quite succeeded in achieving what made The Addams Family so viscerally odd (and not visually striking either). »

The compilation made by the Metacritic site, which adds up the reviews of major Anglo-Saxon media, gives Tim Burton’s series 66/100. Barely above the passing grade.

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