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Nestor Villanueva He responded to Magaly Medina, after she exposed it on her program on Friday, June 17. The driver presented an audio in which the cumbia singer asks to talk about “economic issues” with his producer, Verónica. Now, on the 20th of the same month, in space “how about late”who drives with Cindy Sotelo on Nuestra TV, the cumbiambero sought to clarify what happened to that “arrangement”.


Nestor Villanueva to Magaly Medina: Pay up!

Susy Díaz’s ex-son-in-law, Néstor Villanueva, questioned that Magaly Medina broadcast the conversation she had with her reporter without her consent. Along these lines, he stressed that the money came from the production of “Magaly TV, the firm.” “I never mentioned the economics,” he said.

Still, the musician explained: “I haven’t been calling. I have been called. The lady wants me to go.”

And addressing Magaly Medina, he said: Because you benefit from your sponsors. And what about me? Am I going to give you the rating and be harmed?

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What did Néstor Villanueva say about the divorce with Flor Polo?

At another time, the cumbiambero pointed out that he felt tired of all the things that are said about him. In this sense, he wanted to be emphatic in pointing out that he has not demanded money from Flor Polo to sign the divorce.

, he indicated. “At no time have I charged the mother of my children to sign the divorce,” she added.

“They want to make me look bad at all costs and it’s not fair. I need to be calm. I don’t know how far I want to go. But I do ask you to stop your hand”, expressed Néstor Villanueva.

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