Natalia Téllez reveals her most toxic part

Natalia Tellez She is one of the star drivers of unicable where is part of the television program “Divine Net”, together with her companions Consuelo Duval, Daniela Magun, Paola Rojas Y Galilea Montijo.

In the last program of “Netas” they had Fernanda Castillo and Gustavo Egelhaaf as guests to talk about the play “Seven times goodbye” and issues related to love, which is the theme through which the plot of the theatrical production passes. This made Paola Rojas propose a unique challenge: “Why not, let’s see if they dare, each one raise what is the toxic part of her?”.

The first to respond was Natalia Téllez, and she mentioned that they are the limits, which is why she is going to therapy sessions. The driver assured that one of the problems she deals with her psychologist is to set limits, since she does not have them and does not know how to put them on people, so she has to get to the point of having to get away from people, despite that he loves them very much, for not having the courage to speak up. Behind this confession by Téllez, Galilea Montijo confronted her to ask her if that was the reason why he had moved away from her. Téllez surprised by saying “Yes, Galilea”. “I mean, it’s just that I just ran into that and it was brutal, and because of my dad, this yes, if it’s something close like a dad you’re not going to dismiss it, but other relationships reach a point that… that person, I was telling Daniela Magún about one of my best friends… do you remember? I think we’re not going to be friends anymore, “explained Natalia.

Natalia Téllez thought about abandoning her newborn daughter

A few days ago Téllez spoke of the crisis she suffered when she realized the responsibility of being a mother. On February 1, the driver became the mother of a beautiful baby named Emilia for the first time. In an interview, she told how her first days as a new mother were. “I thought I would never say it on TV. If Emilia finds this clip one day, she will stop talking to me. But hey, Emilia, I love you. Forgive your mother,” Téllez said. The actress confessed that during the first hours of her motherhood she suffered an emotional crisis that led her to think about abandoning her baby. “When Emilia was born, I had her one day at night and the next day was a very difficult day. The milk, the baby, connected, the hormone, and I said: ‘

what’s going on?’ he recalled.

The driver created the plan in her head to abandon her newborn daughter and leave her in the care of her partner, the musician Antonio Zabala: “Antonio is a great man and if I leave the country at this time, that is, I leave Mexico and I move away from “Las Netas”, I leave a letter, I write to my sister and I go to another country. Antonio is a great man and he is going to raise my girl with love and tenderness, and I can’t do this, ”she revealed.

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