Mule cut: our most beautiful inspirations for wearing it in 2022

Why is the mullet cut making a comeback?

No one was expecting her, but she made a name for herself in hairdressing salons. The mullet cut is back and it’s here to stay. Delphine Courteille, studio hairdresser at the helm of her eponymous salon in Paris, confirms this: “She made her comeback in 2021, and became a little more democratized in 2022.” Long mocked for her alleged old-fashionedness, she “tried to come back in the 90s and 2000s but it had been a flop”, according to the latter. Today, it is “present in a lot of young people”. Younger generations who have appropriated the controversial haircut. No more 80s mullet, they adopt new versions like Rihanna’s neo mullet, with a slightly longer neck. Hybrid hairstyles like the mixie cut, a mix between the pixie cut and the mullet, are also in vogue. They are part of the global trend of short cuts, for which Delphine Courteille receives many requests.

Our advice for sporting the mullet cut without a false note

The mullet cut is not for everyone. Like any other hair folly, it must be part of a cleverly studied beauty and fashion look. “It depends on the look you have: if you are an extravagant woman it can work, and if you are an 18-20 year old girl too”, says the hairdresser. Among young people, she finds that it “gives a very rock, very rebellious side”. She thinks in particular of Hedi Slimane, whose aesthetics it is and who participated in the revival of this haircut as artistic director at Céline. Lately, we have seen her on the catwalks of Fashion Week, as well as in campaigns for prestigious houses such as Gucci Beauty or Alexander McQueen.

If it is difficult to adopt for all styles, it is suitable for all faces. Delphine Courteille sings its praises: “you can lengthen your face” with a mullet cut, and “hide the wrinkles in the neck” if they make you complex. It is also ideal for fine hair, as it adds volume. Moreover, to intensify this effect, the pro advises adopting a volumizing shampoo and a volumizing structuring spray – offered in her line of eponymous hair products, but also available in specialized stores and supermarkets. The best way to adopt it without missteps is to go to one of the best hair salons in Paris or to a hairdresser-visagiste anywhere in France. And for the more cautious, there is a lighter version called the “soft-serve mullet”, in other words the “soft mullet cut”. You choose !

The trendiest mullet cut inspirations

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