Mia Khalifa’s younger sister appeared and follows in her footsteps

Adult cinema had to its credit Mia Khalifa, the Lebanese actress who worked in that field for a while but then retired to become a strong figure on social media. However, it seems that she is not the only star in the family.

While the actress works sharing content on the platform OnlyFans, her sister is starting to gain recognition. his supposed sister Mati Khalifa has just joined the same site to compete with it.

The young woman is only 18 years old and assures that she is the sister of Mia KhalifaHowever, she has not yet confirmed the news. In the description of her profile on the aforementioned platform, she has written: “Yes, Mia Khalifa is my sister”.

There she already has more than 2 million followers, a large number for the short time in which she is active on the adult content site. The truth is that her presumed sister exceeds her by more than 20 million, a true madness.

OnlyFans users highlight the resemblance between Mati Khalifa Y Mine, which makes them have no doubts about the relationship between the two young women. However, in the past, the renowned artist who went through adult cinema had revealed that she had distanced herself from her entire family because of her work.

With respect to Mati, the vast majority of the content that she shares on the platform is free, but in her profile there are options to pay for personalized content. The truth is that whether or not she is Mia’s real sister, there is no doubt that she is making thousands of pesos with her most sensual profile.


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