Mhoni Seer: Today’s Horoscope September 15; change day

Changes are coming in your life and great opportunities to improve yourself in every way: love, health and work. It is a question that you open your eyes and mind and do not let them pass you by. The astrologer Rev. Vidente tells you how to take advantage of them, according to your zodiac sign, through the Today’s horoscope September 15.


The Horoscope today It tells you that there is nothing like a romantic dinner to reconnect, to reduce that distance that separates us. Today is a good day to go out and forget about all the pending, and spend time with each other, without rush or reproach. In addition, all that which now seems gray, will fade in the candlelight, among soft music. A small change can work wonders, as long as it is done in the right sphere and at the time it needs to be done, he says. Rev. Vidente.

On this day that change must happen in the way you use services: water, electricity, fuel … Save and you will see a portentous change in your favor and your pocket. No expense to be spared when it comes to your health. Also, if you invest today it is written that you will save on medical expenses tomorrow. Better safe than sorry, Aries. Those resources for your food and care will be, in the long run, your most profitable investment. But you must start right now.


Do not stop addressing the claims of your partner, because he is right, even if it seems to you that they are unimportant issues. Each one has different concerns, but the other person’s concerns are not unimportant. Consider, in any case, that correcting these behaviors does not involve any effort. Your first thought this morning must have been focused on your work. That should be your main concern and your only goal.

On this day give priority to what you do and what you need to implement in your day to make it more productive. It is a day in which you must allow yourself to be absorbed by work, Taurus. Today you must bet on the care of your teeth. Those little annoyances aren’t natural and it’s best to take care of them all at once. Do not leave room for chance, and go to a specialist, without delay. Discipline all their recommendations. May your smile continue to shine in style.


The Horoscope of Mhoni Seer suggests that it is important that you attend to the growth of your partner, and that you give him the opportunity that he gave you at the time. Today is a good day for you to consider helping him leave his job and focus on his development. If one of the two grows more, both evolve. It is time to pay the debts. Today is a good day to question those who criticize you in an unfounded way. And the way to do it is to show your talent, Gemini.

You do not answer their infundies, and in any case get down to work, and through results make those voices silence themselves. They say that whoever hits first hits harder. This is a good day to do that with the diseases that you are prone to, and that tend to attack especially your skeleton. To that end, he prevents with a diet richer in calcium through milk and cheese. And, of course, not to mention fat.

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It is better to remain silent in the face of the question that your partner is going to ask you. It is one of those questions whose answers, whatever they are, hurt or seem too cynical, and therefore cannot be answered in words. A question so close to the heart and what you feel can only be answered with actions and deeds. There are certain aspects of the way you work that are seductive and irreplaceable.

Those are what you should encourage, because they are the reason they hire you, give you confidence and choose you over others. Part of it is the care you put into doing something. If you give in to rush and pressure, you will lose that touch. Don’t waste time with magic solutions. The only way to preserve your well-being and health is with effort and dedication, with an open mind and body. No more buying misconceptions from makeshift gurus. What you hope to be better you can only give yourself, Cancer.


The Horoscope today It tells you that you have to learn to listen between the lines. Everyone has their pride, but your partner is someone who has plenty. It is hard for him to tell you things, and above all to ask for your help. That is why he asks you in code: this series of apparent claims that he will make to you today have that purpose. The one to ask you for help. Today you are going to face a tough decision. You must choose between a cut or spend a season of limitations, he warns Rev. Vidente. You are not sure what to do.

The stars recommend that, whatever you decide, you try to do as little damage as possible (for example, avoid any dismissal). Today is a good day to invest in taking care of your eyes. They become irritated, wet, and sometimes have minor discomfort. So it doesn’t hurt to visit a specialist and consider wearing prescription glasses. Don’t worry: you can be sure they are going to favor you, Leo.

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Your partner is a person who dazzles, and that is why you love him. However, you cannot always be in their shadow. There must come a time so that you too can shine and stand out. That is, at least, what the person you love expects of you. Come out of your shelter and try to be the person you are called to be. Also the mind plays in the art of making money, and if yours is the leading role.

This is a good day to set it free, so that creativity is the compass that sets the course to follow and reveals to you what new spaces you can expand as a worker and as a professional. The first sign of maturity is that moment when we forgive our parents, when we take responsibility for our lives and detach ourselves from their influence, for better or for worse. It is a good day to have that talk that you have put aside, and for all those things that have not been said to be said once and for all.


You will have the opportunity to travel, but do not contemplate your partner. You wonder if you should give up this trip so as not to upset him. It is a mistake that the stars are going to prevent you from making. You have earned this with your effort and thanks to your talent, and that is why you should enjoy it, Libra. In company or alone. When it seems like you are the most lost, you are actually at the closest point to finding yourself. Your senses expand, the adrenaline is released, everything seems clearer.

Take advantage of that momentum today, because great solutions – those that are not only creative, but innovative – emerge at times like this. It is good that you change your mind, especially in what has to do with what you do for your health. There are better methods than you used them, more natural and more connected with your true self. It has been a good choice, and you will notice the benefits immediately, as soon as you get down to work.


According to Horoscope today, there is a certain jarring feeling in the air. You feel that your partner is not entirely honest with you, and the truth is that they are. He has done something that he promised he would stop doing. Something related to your health. Don’t be hard on her, and instead help her get back to fulfilling that promise. Your character your fighter knows how to prevail over any situation. What happens today is not something new for you, and it is a problem that you know has a solution, says the astrologer Rev. Vidente.

You should not be intimidated by that chorus of alarm voices. These are just people who expect you to fail to take advantage. And you know they won’t see you fail, Scorpio. Today your steps must be firm, and go towards that meeting that you fear to carry out. There is an issue from the past that will be resolved today. It is an appointment that you must attend, because it is time for yesterday to stop sinking its fangs in your heart.


Changes are mixed blessings, as they imply that a part of the previous is destroyed so that everything changes. That happens in life and it happens with love. This does not mean that you must have a means for your relationship to change, as it is something inevitable and necessary for love to last. We are not the same at the beginning as at the end of love. A failure should never be the end of the road, because you are much more than a mere project.

A stumble always has consequences, but none of them will end your career and your ability to do what you know how to do. To dust himself off, compose himself and try again. It is a good day to work with your interior, Sagittarius. That dimension of yourself that you don’t usually invest too much in, but that is essential for you to stay as productive as you want. And it is that without internal harmony you will not be able to cope with the demands of your day to day. Meditate and do breathing exercises.


From close to Horoscope today, the economic differences between you and your partner have not been a problem until now, but it is better to take precautions in this regard, because tomorrow can bring changes in attitudes and hearts. You must try harder and make it clear that this effort pays off within the couple. When they recriminate us from all fronts, there is no argument that speaks better than the pure and hard facts. So, to work, to do, to solve, and to deliver results, suggests Rev. Vidente.

To the point that you can make a clean slate. It’s not impossible, Capricorn. Get to work at once. You have to attend to the future today. And the way to do it in terms of your body is to exercise more and better. Go back to that demanding routine, and put aside that laziness that tomorrow can translate into a difficult bill to pay. Do for you today, that tomorrow can be cruel.


We will not be able to know our partner 100%, nor in a lifetime. Every day offers you the opportunity for new discoveries, as each one of us is a mystery that must be revealed little by little. That one of the magic of love shows us how infinite we are, and that there is no room for routine within us. If things have not turned out as you expected, it is because you were somewhat unrealistic in your expectations. You are giving that 100% that is demanded of you, and the truth is that you cannot do more.

You win, but you get discouraged because you don’t earn as much as you think you should. Hence the importance of setting possible goals. Do not think that going faster in your exercise routines that you will rush the positive change you want. The body has its deadlines and its mechanics. Far from it, if you insist on this training overload, you could hurt yourself. More discipline and more restraint.


Your partner has one of those friends who does not know distances and maintains a very close relationship with her, which confuses and worries you. Do not stop trusting your partner, and rest assured that those shows of affection are nothing other than that. Your heart has always been occupied by you … and it will continue like this, Pisces. The leading voice in this project must be yours and none other than yours, because the ideas and all the essence of this endeavor were born in you.

It is vital that you do not let them steal your merit and with it your income, of something that has cost you time and effort, and that gives a good account of your ability. You cannot live with that fear of contact, of the elements, of parasites … of life, in short. You have to avoid that it is what dictates your actions and your projects. Life is always risk, and what makes us strong and productive is facing it. There is no other way to get ahead of this challenge.

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