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Against all odds, Melissa Paredes was interviewed by Rodrigo Gonzalez and Gigi Miter on the set of “Love and Fire”. The protagonist of “Ojitos hechiceros” began this controversial interview in a good mood.

However, little by little, what did she experience after being sheltered by Magaly Medina in the basement of the gym she attended with her partner at the time. Find out everything she said in this note.

Production of “America Today” would have told Melissa that Magaly was attentive to her movements

Melissa Paredes went to the set of “Love and fire” to speak without filters with Rodrigo Cuba Y Gigi Miter. From the beginning of the interview, the model did not agree with what the drivers said about how her ampay was given with Anthony Aranda’s dancer.

Melissa did not accept, then, that the presenters faced their actions, so she turned to Gigi: “What you saw in the ampay was the first kiss, do you have any idea when we started something?” Given this, the friend of “Peluchín” pointed out that she was lying. “Melissa, what a fraud. That is, Magaly was lucky enough to capture the moment she kissed you for the first time, “she assured.

The actress reacted to what the host said and confessed that she was aware of the movements of the “Magaly TV, the firm” team: “The production of “América Hoy” told me: ‘Magaly is following you.’ That was two weeks before the ampay. I said: ‘Why is she following me?’ (…) If you don’t believe me, it’s your problem. What’s more, since then, Anthony and I didn’t see each other until November.”

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‘Peluchín’ faces Melissa: “You have shown yourself to be an unscrupulous person”

Rodrigo Cuba he could not contain his indignation at everything he had been saying Melissa Paredes in his passage through “Love and fire”. The controversial driver addressed the influencer after he generated confusion with some alleged evidence of his distancing from “Gato” Cuba before the ampay:

“The issue is not gender or how you live, it’s how you handle it. There are two very different things: how you handle it and how you manipulate it. For me, there are many things that you have brought out that can smooth (the situation). But it doesn’t change that you, from the beginning, have shown yourself to be an unscrupulous person. Not because you show me several chats, it will change my opinion”.

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Did Melissa really want to have another child with the ‘Cat’?

Melissa Paredes she opened up about her chances of being a mother again. After revealing that she is undergoing oncological treatment, the model pointed out that she had declared about her supposed wishes to be a mother again with Rodrigo Cuba to keep your audience happy.

“If they see more of my interviews and when they have asked me about a child, I have always said that it would be nice and to this day I take folic acid and that is not bad. (…) It is something that the public likes to hear.” What one says on television is often what the public likes to hear. We are artists, we owe it to them” he commented.

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Melissa wants to make peace with the ‘Cat’

Melissa Paredes surprised to confess that she does not want to continue fighting publicly with her ex-husband Rodrigo Cuba. The model assured that she did not request a new reconciliation for the soccer player’s money and acknowledged that he is also responsible for the separation:

“Am I going to fight for money with a soccer player? Everyone knows that they make their contracts and always cheat the judges. I’m not going to spend. (…) I’m not saying it for him (Rodrigo). He hasn’t done it because so far we haven’t gone to trial. The idea is not to go to trial. I have always said it. It’s not that I didn’t do anything either, and that I’m the victim. There are two culprits here.”

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