Melissa Paredes clarifies why she said, before the ampay, that she wanted to get pregnant with Rodrigo Cuba | entertainment

Melissa Paredes held an interview on the program “love and fire” along with Rodrigo González and Gigi Mitre. Here she clarified why she said that she wanted to get pregnant with the soccer player, despite the fact that she claimed to be separated from Rodrigo Cuba, after being supported by the dancer Anthony Aranda.

The influencer also appeared during the afternoon in the aforementioned program to respond to the criticism that her new confrontation with her ex-partner for the shared possession of her youngest daughter has unleashed.


The public was the main reason

Melissa Paredes declared this afternoon that she had no chance of becoming a mother again, because she was undergoing cancer treatment. However, she made statements in which she stated that she wanted to have another child with Rodrigo Cuba because it was something that she “liked to hear from the public.”

“If they see more of my interviews and when they have asked me about a child, I have always said that it would be nice and to this day I take folic acid and that is not bad. (…), I point to the model.

Likewise, she justified what she said, before being supported by Anthony Aranda, by mentioning that

Actress presents new messages between her and Rodrigo Cuba

One of the comments from Gigi Miter’s partner made Melissa Paredes uncomfortable, as she mentioned the message she presented in “Instarándula”, with which she sought to deny her ex-partner, who assured that they were still in a relationship when she was exposed with the “Activator” .

Lazy loaded component


Despite the fact that the former reality girl confessed that she no longer had a life as a couple with “Gato” Cuba, Rodrigo González hinted that she does not believe in her version, since the messages do not confirm anything she says. In addition, the texts that the popular “Peluchín” read were from a friend of the model and the footballer. “This makes me dizzy, it doesn’t tell me anything, it doesn’t change my concept of anything,” she said.

He refused to go through the polygraph

The popular ‘Toddler’ He consulted him about his supposed estrangement with the soccer player prior to the images published by Magaly Medina, to which she told her version; however, she was surprised when she was told that she had to reaffirm her statement on the polygraph.

Melissa Paredes He explained that his lawyer recommended him not to go through the polygraph; however, she relented in supposedly answering a question, which she never answered. Despite her denial, Gigi Miter reformulated the query.

“Is it true that you kiss (with Anthony Aranda) just on the day of the ampay?” Immediately, the former Miss Peru confronted the drivers. “(…) I already realized that you just want me to look like a liar,” she asserted.

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