Meeting with Rebecca Fezard, winner of the Prix des Artisanes 2022

Published on November 24, 2022 at 9:41 p.m.

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Winner of the Prix des Artisanes 2022, awarded by the ELLE group with the support of the LVMH group, Rebecca Fezard is at the forefront of recycling. Meeting with this committed designer who seeks to move the lines of craftsmanship.

“Seeing all the waste deposits available, I said to myself that we could no longer work this way,” exclaims Rebecca Fezard. This is how in 2016, this 30-year-old trained at the Beaux-Arts in Lyon launched Hors-Studio in Tours, with Elodie Michaud, who had just graduated from the Ensaama Olivier-de-Serres school. Their desire was a precursor at the time: to recycle industrial, natural and artisanal waste, to transform them into new sublimated materials. Their favorite subjects? The shells of molluscs and the scraps of leather that they reduce to powder before agglomerating them with natural glues – “those from petrochemicals are the scourge of natural sectors, because they often prevent the recycling of objects”, explains Rebecca Fezard .

In six years, the two multi-award-winning designers have imagined window decorations for Chaumet, created scallop shell perfume stoppers for the perfumer La Petite Madeleine, and have just released their first collection of sculptural furniture. Two tables, a stool and a bench, spotted in a recycling center and then sheathed in Leatherstone®, a leather-based material that they have developed and which recalls the stone from the tuffeau quarries of their region Métiers du Design du Val -de-Loire. Wishing to advance the ecological cause, they have also set up a “chutothèque” in Tours, where scrap materials are available, as are some of their binder recipes. “Each designer is free to take it and do their own research. ” Next step ? The opening in January of their factory with the objective of “transmitting, hiring and manufacturing in a more standardized way”. And Rebecca Fezard concludes: “The more we flow the material, the more we clean up”.

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