María León delights with her beauty and style in a black translucent corset

María León delights with her beauty and style in a black translucent corset. | PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

Definitely, the talent to sing, compose and dance are not the only virtues of the beautiful actress and singer Mary Leon, because in addition to everything it is beautiful and with a hot and modern style worthy of copying. For proof, the former member of Playa Limbo delighted with her beauty and style in black translucent corset.

The 36-year-old singer Mary Leonshared on her Instagram account an image that the color black suits all women, in a revealing and stylish outfit that we can all copy, and that this year is totally in fashion: the corset-

It is a total black look made up of a black translucent corset with straps and a silk skirt draped at the waist, which she combined with coquettish and imposing high patent leather boots, as well as a leather jacket, also in black.

The former coach of The voice Kids made use of the popular social network to congratulate Ocesa for its 25 years bringing theater productions of the highest level to the public.

“Many congratulations @escenarioocesa for these 25 years of wonderful productions, for being an inspiration, for being magic and also for being a home, bravo, and bravo for everything that is to come!!! Congratulations to the beautiful company of @aladdin_mx “, he wrote next to the publication.

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Undoubtedly, Mary Leon She has become one of the public’s favorite celebrities, because in addition to singing incredible and composing magnificently, she has proven to be a case of cuteness, because she is also an excellent dancer and a first-rate actress, which also makes her one of the the most complete celebrities.

To that, we add her great style and beauty like few others, which captivates her followers every day and inspires many women to follow in her footsteps in everything she does.

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back to the movies

On the other hand, the beautiful interpreter of lose my respect Y Ask permission revealed that before the end of 2022 he will return to the cinema, after his film debut in the film The voice of a dreamin 2016, so his fans will surely be very excited.

“In acting I have some nice plans in this 2022. It is not yet time to discover them. Go to platform. And meanwhile, I continue to prepare myself with dance and singing classes, because everything is a complement in my artistic life”.

“Always for an actress, it is important that the role challenges you. Every time I have had to make a character, I have always made my body available. Personally, for me, it is of the utmost importance to generate the entire experience of the character, even in what is physically related, ”she pointed out.

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